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Clothed in Dignity, Women's Care Group - Crownridge
Women's Bible Class - Spring 2021 - The Gospel of Matthew - Chapters 23-28 - Crownridge - Register
Join Women of the Word, a team of 15 spirit-filled teachers, led by Joy Pruett. We will complete the Gospel of Matthew study verse by verse. Our class will... Learn more
Women's Bible Class - Spring 2021 - Death and Resurrection of the Messiah - Crownridge - Register
Join Discovery & Discipleship and come, follow Jesus through the Scriptures to understand his lessons to the Disciples on the Kingdom of God, his power and authority and how to... Learn more
Women's Bible Class - Spring 2021 - Spanish - Sea Libre by Beth Moore - Crownridge - Register
Éste estudio de diez semanas se basa en la historia de la cautividad de los iseaelitas, según se describe en Isaías; pero a un nivel más personal, establece algunos paralelos... Learn more