Upcoming Events

A Study of Daniel - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge - Register
Join us for a twelve-session Bible Study as Daniel gives us practical and personal ways to not only survive but to shine and thrive, in a very dark and hostile... Learn more
Elijah and Psalm 46 - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge - Register
Join the New Beginnings class as they dive into a seven session journey with a video and workbook through the life and times of the prophet Elijah and a three... Learn more
Esther (Side by Side/CMDA) - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge - Register
Diving into the book of Esther, we discover a young Hebrew girl who found herself in a unique position to help save her people in a time when the world... Learn more
Letters to the Churches - The Book of Revelation - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge
Join the Plain Truth class as we dig into the Book of Revelation: the book Christians most want to study and the class teachers least want to teach. Learn more
Revelation: Verse by Verse - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge - Register
Unravel the mysteries within the book in the reflection on the cultural, geographic and historic elements. Discover how prophesy from Daniel and the New Testament refine the details of the... Learn more
Spanish: Discipleship - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge
Join our Spanish Women's Class as we dive into Discipleship together. Únase a nuestra clase de mujeres en español mientras nos sumergimos juntas en el discipulado. Learn more
The Book of Romans - Fall 2021 (Women) - Crownridge
Women of the Word class will be doing a verse by verse study of the Book of Romans. Our aim is to understand what God has done to bring us... Learn more
1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ - Fall 2021 (Young Women) - Crownridge
Peter, a man of faith and flaws and an eyewitness to the life of Christ, challenges us to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance. Whether you are... Learn more
Mentoring Moms - Crownridge - Register
Mentoring Moms is a ministry to moms of young children from birth through first grade. Program includes a light dinner, speakers who address relevant "mom topics", and prayer time... Learn more