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God's Word encourages us to bring all our cares to God because he cares for us. That is why we encourage everyone to pray persistently. Our elders, staff, and prayer ministers also care for you and are ready to pray for you.

Share your prayer request through the submission button below, and partner in prayer with others as you read and pray for their requests below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please enter "Anonymous" as your First Name. If you prefer your request not be displayed publicly on the web page, please un-check "yes" to allow publication on the submission form.

January 18


I have struggled with chronic pain for seven years. I am now pregnant and my pain is much worse. Please ask God to heal my broken body. It feels like more than I can handle.

January 18


Prayers please for my daughter. Spiritually attached daily at work. This has been going on for months. I have of course, prayed for the situation – no change. It’s bad! Wisdom and Protection for her please. Thank you.

January 18


I am a believer battling multiple serious medical conditions with no cure and lots of physical pain. I work but my bosses are disrespecting me and trying to force me out. I need my job. I am a single mom and I provide full support to my daughter.

Loving, Christ-centered help is available to anyone in need.

January 17


Please pray with me for my friend Mrs D and her family. She had a seizure and is home shyer a hospital stay. Asking God for healing and strength and comfort for her and her husband

January 17


Pray for L who has lung cancer. Also for her father R, who has already lost L's mother and brother to cancer.

January 16


Please pray for a Father who is in a battle for his children and their minds and hearts. Please pray no weapon formed against him and the kids shall prosper. Please pray he wins the custody case and the children are freed from generational sin.

January 16


Please pray for my great, great nephew, he is 5 months old and he has RSV, he has been in the hospital since Friday. Dear God, I ask that you forgive me for my sins. Please be with him and let him recover. I ask in Christ's Name. Amen.

January 15


I’ve just switched from a brand name medication to a generic version for a mental illness. I’m not feeling well and not adjusting well. My new insurance will only pay for generic drugs. Please pray I’ll adjust soon & won’t have mental breakdowns.

Express love for others daily through serving.

January 15


I need prayers for healing of pain in my body.

January 15


Please pray for my friend who lost her grandson of 18 months old in a farming accident. And also please pray for me ~ I have a shoulder injury and awaiting MRI results. And for my cousin who is facing cancer and test results.

January 15


Please pray for MSH for healing and DM who is in the hospital with pneumonia

January 15


Please pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that my son reads his Bible everyday/learns to tell the truth through the Grace of God almighty. His heart needs healing and the only place I know to turn for help is to God through his son Jesus Christ.

Prayer fuels our relationship with God and aligns us to his will.

January 15


Please pray for strength in everyday matters. Also for God to guide me and clear up the spiritual confusion I've been feeling.

January 15


God, you are a good God always, you are in control, almighty father Thank you for the breakthrough that is on the way.Thank you for opening the right door according with your perfect plan and timing I trust you & love you. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen