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Thanks for taking the next step to join a group! Groups are small communities gathering regularly to share life together and apply God's Word to real-life situations. Gatherings typically include prayer, fellowship, Scripture study, accountability, and hospitality. Groups meet anywhere we live, work, learn, and play. Join today and experience biblical community where you can be known, loved, cared for, encouraged, and challenged to follow Jesus moment by moment.  

To join a group, browse the local small groups below and request an invitation simply by clicking on the listing and submitting your information. The group leader will respond and help you connect with the group. COVID-19 Update: Most groups are currently meeting through online platforms.  

Can't find what you are looking for or need assistance? Contact Desiray Pool by EMAIL or call 210.698.4695. (Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218)

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NameDescriptionScheduleDistanceGroup TypeTopicMeeting Location
Abiding for LifeFruits of our abiding relationship with Christ Love’s True ExpressionsSunday at 10:45 AM5.04 MCo-EdLove's True Expressions - 1 Corinthians 13Online
Alamo Ranch -- The PreserveGroup will begin August 27, 2020 and will be meeting via ZoomThursday at 7:00 PM13.00 MCo-EdWhen God's Spirit Moves by Jim CymbalaOnline
Be the Bridge -- The Bridge to Racial UnityWe will be using The Bridge to Racial Unity Curriculum. All are welcome. Please contact me for more information or check out Will start on Zoom and then transition into meeting in person.Sunday at 7:00 PM7.29 MCo-EdBe the BridgeOnline
Boerne YMCAYou do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. Y restrictions: Temperature will be taken upon entry. Mask required. Seating in room will be social distanced. Located in the Boerne Y Community Rm on Wednesday’s 11-12:30 Beginning Sept. 16thWednesday at 11:00 AM14.60 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesHome
Cedar Springs Saturday at 7:00 PM5.15 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesHome
Cordillera RanchRotate homes and usually meet for dinner afterwards, at this time they are meeting via Zoom and in person.Wednesday at 5:45 PM15.51 MCo-Ed Rotates
Covenant GroupWe will be studying and discussing the book of Leviticus together.Sunday at 8:15 AM7.47 MCo-EdLeviticusOnline
Elm Creek #1This group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each monthThursday at 7:00 PM5.31 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Elm Creek #2This group meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the monthThursday at 7:00 PM5.31 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Encino Park Sunday at 5:30 PM9.97 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Enriching CouplesFor dating, engaged, and married couples: seeking a shared vision of what God wants in your relationship with a renewed perspective. Class is ongoing. New series "Overcoming Common Marriage Myths" led by Jon Anderson will begin 9/27/20-11/1/20 (skipping 10/27/20).Sunday at 10:45 AM0.01 MCo-EdOvercoming Marriage MythsOnline
Fair Oaks Central RanchThis group is for adults 30-80. They meet every other Tuesday evening at 7:00 PMTuesday at 7:00 PM7.81 MCo-Ed Online
Fair Oaks Ranch Tuesday at 7:00 PM7.90 MCo-Ed Online
Fair Oaks Ranch-Davies Tuesday at 6:30 PM8.54 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesHome
Family DiscipleshipThe Eyewitness Bible Series, Acts, consists of eighteen 12-18 minute videos and related study guides. The videos are narrative accounts by Bible personalities of portions of Acts, such as Peter discussing the start of the church as described in Acts 2-5. Together, the videos and study guides provide an in-depth view of the book of Acts. The purpose of the Eyewitness Bible Series is to help small groups, churches, families and individuals learn the Bible better.Sunday at 10:30 AM5.76 MCo-EdActs: Eyewitness Bible SeriesOnline
Garden RidgeChildren over the age of 10 years of age are welcome. There is no formal program for children so parents are encouraged to bring an activity for their children to complete. This group will be meeting in person but in an outside location. You can contact the leader at 210-419-2713 for more details.Wednesday at 6:00 PM17.90 MCo-EdThe Second Coming of Jesus ChristHome
Hollywood ParkThis group meets every other ThursdayThursday at 6:30 PM7.37 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Kerrville Oak Hills Life Group - Wednesday at 6:30 PM41.45 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesHome
Medical Center Area GroupGroup will be meeting online/ZoomSunday at 4:00 PM7.42 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Men's Thursday Online GroupWe will study using the book, Celebration of the Disciplines by Richard J. Foster. Starts Thursday 9/10/20Friday at 6:00 AM0.03 MMen-OnlyCelebration of the DisciplinesOnline
MirabelWe are kid friendly. Our group has a nice mix of singles and couples, but on any given meeting we have six or seven kids from different families.Monday at 6:30 PM4.74 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Oak Meadow Women's Bible Study Sunday at 7:00 PM5.17 MWomen-OnlyThe Book of ActsOnline
OHCYA - Girls Connect (In Person)We will meet weekly and discuss the Sermon Series about Esther - Searching for SpringtimeSunday at 2:00 PM0.00 MWomen-OnlyOHC - Sermon SeriesHome
OHCYA - UTSA Co-Ed ConnectsJoin us weekly to dig into the OHC Sermon Series about Esther - Searching for Springtime // Meeting on the HEB Student Union LawnMonday at 7:00 PM3.02 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesSchool
Ranger CreekWe meet at the Ranger Creek Clubhouse every 3rd Thursday at 6:30 PM of each month.Thursday at 6:30 PM15.84 MCo-EdTBAOnline
Saturday Night Bible Study GroupThis group will be meeting online via Zoom after Saturday Night service.Saturday at 6:00 PM0.03 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Shavano Park Women's Group Thursday at 7:00 PM5.15 MWomen-OnlyCurrent OHC sermon seriesRotates
Single Adult - FusionSingles group with focus on Bible Studies; Christian/dating relationship studies.Sunday at 10:30 AM0.01 MCo-EdChristian Dating/RelationshipsOnline
Spanish/Español - Bandera, MainlandGrupo de AlcanceFriday at 7:30 PM7.95 MCo-Ed Online
Spanish/Español - Dentro de 1604, Cerca de Potranco y 151Grupo de AlcanceFriday at 7:30 PM13.33 MCo-Ed Online
Spanish/Español - Grupo de Jovenes Adultos - Leon SpringsGrupo de AlcanceTuesday at 8:00 PM4.27 MCo-Ed Online
Spanish/Español - Rogers Ranch Friday at 7:30 PM3.58 MCo-Ed Online
Spanish/Español - Town Lake Neighborhood Friday at 7:30 PM0.00 MCo-Ed Online
StonehavenJoin us, we are a co-ed group of all ages and seasons. We are all at different places in our spiritual walk and all are welcomed. We will be discussing the Sermon Series-Esther beginning the weekend of 9/13.Sunday at 5:30 PM6.65 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesOnline
Stonewall Estates Thursday at 6:30 PM1.24 MCo-EdCurrent OHC sermon seriesOnline
Sunday Morning GroupWe will study the David Jeremiah study “What in the World is Going On”. You can order your books online; approximately $8 plus shipping. Don’t forget to order your own books on line. They run about $8 plus shipping. Class will be 8/9/20 - 10/11/20. Meeting via Zoom every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.Sunday at 11:00 AM0.01 MCo-EdDavid Jeremiah StudyOnline
SWEET - Single Women Encouraging & Energizing TogetherStudying a variety of Christian books on what the Bible says about singlenessTuesday at 7:00 PM4.15 MWomen-OnlyStudying a variety of Christian books on what the Bible says about singlenessOnline
Taco Tuesday Men's GroupThe group will meet in person at Mia's restaurant starting at 7:00 am. Using the Serendipity Bible questions men dive deeper in study reading complete books of the Bible verse by verse meeting at Mia's restaurantTuesday at 7:00 AM5.70 MMen-Onlyverse by verse studyRestaurant
Tapatio SpringsMeeting in the Tapatio Springs Community Area studying the sermon seriesTuesday at 6:30 PM15.74 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesOnline
The Villages at Sonoma Ranch. Tuesday at 7:00 PM3.63 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesOnline
Timberwood ParkWe usually begin with a song, then ask a get-to-know-you question, read scripture, discuss how we can live out the truths of scripture and the sermon, and end with prayer. We'll have light refreshments.Sunday at 4:30 PM8.72 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesHome
Woodthorn Young CouplesWe are inviting young married couples to join us for food, fellowship, and the study/discussion of marriage-related topics! We are back to meeting in personWednesday at 7:00 PM3.01 MCo-EdMarriage Related TopicsHome
Young ProfessionalsWe are a group of young professionals (mid-20s to early 30s) who gather Sunday afternoons after church service. Our prayer is that our community group would be a place to abide in the Word, as we develop accountable friendships, discern our God-given spiritual gifts, and build a strong foundation of our independent identity in Christ while acting in obedience to God's callings in our lives. • Leader/s: Reagan Smith, Rebekah WilliamsSunday at 1:30 PM3.98 MCo-EdOHC-sermon seriesOnline