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Search for a group near you (on-site, in homes, work place, coffee shops, etc.). Submit your information for the group you interested in joining. The leader will then contact you and provide additional details about that group.

We believe the very best way for us to grow in our faith is together in community. That is why we are passionate about everyone joining a Small Group! We hope to offer a Small Group in your community. Groups are available for families, single adults, men, women and college students/young adults. Note: Some Small Groups include families with children. In those groups, the participants are responsible for making their own childcare arrangements to ensure the proper safety and care of their children. Oak Hills Church is not responsible for childcare arrangements.

Have Questions?: If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lynda Rodriguez by EMAIL or call 210.698.4626. (Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218)

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NameDescriptionScheduleDistanceGroup TypeTopic
The Heights of Crownridge Sunday at 6:30 PM0.44 MCo-EdAlive in Us: The Mystery and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Walden HeightsThe Gospel of MatthewSunday at 5:00 PM0.98 MCo-EdThe Gospel of Matthew
College + Young Adult WorshipWe are the College + Young Adults of Oak Hills Church. We gather together every Thursday night at 7:00 PM at Oak Hills Church - West Auditorium. Our desire is to worship God, study His word and make a difference in the lives of those around us. We are defined by our passion for Jesus and people! Come as you are. All are welcome! - Holiday Schedule: No Student Gathering on Sundays, Nov. 28, Dec. 19 and 26: Resumes Sun., Jan. 9, 2020Thursday at 7:00 PM1.18 MCo-EdOur desire is to worship God, study His word and make a difference in the lives of those around...
Gospel of MarkWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - A206. -- This is a 13 week study of the Gospel of Mark. The Gospel of Mark is considered the earliest of the four gospels and seems to be based on the preaching of Peter. (Sept. 10 - Dec. 10)Tuesday at 6:30 PM1.18 MCo-EdGospel of Mark
Women's Ministry - Moms in Prayer GroupMondays, Sept. 9, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM, Room F206 For more information on our meeting day and time, please contact leader Mary Balderas at 210.663.8579.Monday at 9:30 AM1.18 MWomen-Only 
Women's Ministry - Mentoring MomsMentoring Moms is a ministry to moms of young children from birth through first grade. Join us once a month at 6:30 PM, South Room. Meeting Dates: Sept. 16, Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Apr. 6 (Homes), May 4. For more information, please contact Sally McMonagle at 210.394.5669. Childcare is not available.Monday at 6:30 PM1.19 MWomen-OnlyThe program includes a light dinner, speakers who address relevant “mom topics”, and prayer time...
Abiding for LifeWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - South room. -- Learning to live our lives as true expressions of our abiding relationship with Christ.Sunday at 11:00 AM1.19 MCo-Ed 
Women's Bible Study - Women of the Word: Gospel of Matthew - Tues. MorningJoin us for a two-year study of The Gospel of Matthew. Matthew is the gospel which intentionally connects the story of Jesus to the prophesies of the Old Testament and portrays him as the promised king of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Matthew includes more of Jesus’ teachings than any other gospel. Our first year of study will cover Matthew chapters 1-16. All women, from beginner to veteran Bible students, are welcome to join this study at any point. Expect weekly study questions, a different teacher each week, large class discussion, small groups, prayer, service projects, an opportunity for a short term mission trip, and a shared passion for Bible study. Oak Hills Church Campus - South room. No cost. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.19 MWomen-OnlyGospel of Matthew, Chapters 1-16, Two-year study
Women's Bible Study - Young Women's Bible Study: The Armor of God - Tues. EveningJoin us this fall as we study Discerning the Voice of God. Priscilla Shirer will explain how to discover the root of clear and daily communication with God—humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks his many blessings intended for us, centers us in his will, and helps us discern his voice in everyday life. Our time together will include building friendships, Bible study, and prayer. Oak Hills Church Campus - Room W103. Class: $15. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 6:30 PM1.19 MWomen-OnlyYoung Women's Bible Study: The Armor of God
Family DiscipleshipWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - F208. -- The whole family participates.Sunday at 10:00 AM1.19 MCo-EdDivine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
Women's Bible Study - Living Hope: The Parables of Jesus - Tues. MorningJesus revealed his truth about the kingdom and his compassion for mankind through parables and miracles. Join us as we study six well known parables and six miracles to better understand Jesus’ purposes and plans for his people. Oak Hills Church Campus - room W103. Class: $5. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.20 MWomen-OnlyLiving Hope: The Parables of Jesus
Growing the FamilyWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - W103. -- Open group for adults 20-30s. A fun and welcoming group of young parents with babies and preschoolers. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 10:45 AM1.22 MCo-Ed 
Men's Bible Study - Thursday MorningBe a Godly Man - Joby Martin (5 weeks) and Luke, Eyewitness (20 weeks). Oak Hills Church - South room. Dec. 12 will be the last meeting of 2019. We will start back up on Jan. 16.Thursday at 6:00 AM1.22 MMen-OnlyBe a Godly Man - Joby Martin (5 weeks) and Luke, Eyewitness (20 weeks)
Saturday Night Bible Study GroupThis group meets after the 5 PM service on Saturday nights on the Oak Hills Church Campus at Crownridge in room A205.Saturday at 6:00 PM1.22 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Women's Bible Study - New Beginnings - Tues. MorningWe invite you to join us for an exciting journey as we learn the triumphs and failures of Twelve Women of the Bible: Eve, Rebekah, Leah, Hannah, Abigail, Gomer, Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, Martha, the Woman at the Well, and the Syrophoenician Woman. We will learn how to apply biblical lessons to our own modern-day struggles, live in freedom through our failures and successes, overcome rejection and insecurity, and draw near to God in a world filled with trials and fears. Together, we will discover new insights and rediscover God’s gracious love for us. You will leave feeling challenged, encouraged, and deeply valued. Oak Hills Church Campus - Bluebonnet Room. Class: $11. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.23 MWomen-Only12 Women of the Bible
Young ProfessionalsWe are a group of young professionals (mid-20s to early 30s) who gather Sunday afternoons after church service. Our prayer is that our community group would be a place to abide in the Word, as we develop accountable friendships, discern our God-given spiritual gifts, and build a strong foundation of our independent identity in Christ while acting in obedience to God's callings in our lives. This Fall we will be moving through the study guide that accompanies the “Alive in Us” sermon series.Sunday at 1:30 PM1.23 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Single Adult - FusionWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - F206. -- Single Adults ages 30-50. Singles group going through the books of the Bible. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 9:30 AM1.23 MCo-Ed 
Women's Bible Study - Discovery & Discipleship - Tues. MorningTeacher and historian Ray Vander Laan illuminates the historical, geographic, and cultural context of the Holy Scriptures. In Fire on the Mountain, explore the Scriptures to understand God’s lessons to the delivered Israelites in their desert experience. Apply the knowledge to live obediently, be part of a community that loves God, and show a broken world the love of a merciful God. In With All Your Heart, discover how God’s presence lived among the Israelites in the Promise Land. Their journey reveals the tabernacle as a symbol of God’s presence, God’s leading as a shepherd, faithful to his Word, and an expectation of obedience in order for us to bear fruit. Oak Hills Church Campus - room W105. $15. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.23 MWomen-OnlyIn Fire on The Mountain and In With All Your Heart
Women's Bible Study - Women of Victory - Tues. EveningDo you have moments of depression and anxiety? Do you sometimes wonder where God is? We all face a future of uncertainty. Join us as we study the words of the fiery prophet, Elijah. Elijah will teach us how to lean on God while we walk through the fire in our trials and struggles in this life. Oak Hills Church Campus - South Room. No cost. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 6:30 PM1.23 MWomen-OnlyStudy: Women of Victory
Women's Bible Study - Plain Truth - Tues. Morning“In the beginning, God…” and the revelation of the compelling dance of the Trinity begins. It is imperative that we are equipped with the truth of God’s Word to be able to discern the deception and lies of our day. Join us as we seek the treasures of Genesis 1-11, looking for Jesus on every page. On your own, you will study scripture guided by John MacArthur. In class, we will worship, learn from a variety of video teachings, and discuss the weekly assigned scripture in small groups. Oak Hills Church Campus -West Auditorium. Class: $6. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.23 MWomen-OnlyGenesis, Chapters 1-11
Women's Bible Study - Side by Side - Tues. MorningJoin us as we explore ten characteristics of who God is – holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise. We will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow his will and are conformed to his image. This Bible study is an encouragement, support, and ministry to the wives of medical professionals through fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Oak Hills Church Campus - W101. Cost: $7. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.24 MWomen-OnlyIn His Image: Ten Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character
CovenantGroup meets in Room A-206 on the Crownridge campus. Do you want to know “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” and survey the New Testament. Open to adults and teens, this interactive class uses a variety of media to include video lessons by teachers such as Ray Vander Laan, NT Wright, Michael Bird. Be part of a community of people seeking the Holy Spirit’s teaching to know what the Bible is saying.Sunday at 8:15 AM1.24 MCo-Ed 
Enriching CouplesFor dating, engaged, and married couples: seeing a shared vision of what God wants in your relationship with a renewed perspective. - Oak Hills Church - Room A206.Sunday at 11:30 PM1.26 MCo-Ed 
Spanish - WorshipLa iglesia de habla española se reúne en el West Auditorium, Domingos, 2:30 PM.Sunday at 2:30 PM1.26 MCo-Ed 
Women's Bible Study - Spring 2020 - COMING SOON!Bible Studies will start Tuesday, January 14! Registration and details coming soon. ---- Submit your information and we will follow-up with details when registration is available. ----Tuesday1.26 MWomen-OnlyDetails Coming Soon
Perfect EndingsWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - A205 -- “Perfect Ending – Why Your Eternal Future Matters Today” By Robert Jeffress. This 12 week study discusses Bible Prophecy and the Book of Revelation.Sunday at 8:15 AM1.28 MCo-Ed 
Women's Bible Study - Estudio De Mujeres En Español - Tues. MorningJuntas tendremos un club de lectura cada Martes por la mañana estudiando el libro de Rick Warren “Una vida con propósito.” No te lo pierdas! Oak Hills Church - Habitación F204. Costo $13. Bibleland available with registration. Classes Begin: September 10, 2019.Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.30 MWomen-Only"Una vida con propósito"
Mountain ClimbersWe meet at Oak Hills Church - Room - Bluebonnet Room. -- Open class for all seniour adults. Bring your Bibles.Sunday at 8:15 AM1.30 MCo-Ed 
Men-Only - College + Young Adult GroupOnce a month. Location alternates.Sunday1.31 MMen-Only 
Women-Only - College + Young Adult GroupOnce a month. Location alternates.Saturday at 2:00 PM1.31 MWomen-Only 
Co-ed - College + Young Adult GroupRelationship focused with biblical direction and group discussion.Sunday at 6:30 PM2.03 MCo-Ed 
Sonoma Ranch SummitWe are mostly empty nesters, and very casual. We start out with refreshments, then study discussion and end with prayer time.Tuesday at 7:00 PM2.43 MCo-Ed 
Woodthorn - Young CouplesWe are inviting young married couples to join us for food, fellowship, and the study/discussion of marriage-related topics!Wednesday at 7:00 PM3.55 MCo-EdMarriage Related Topics
Hunters Chase - Blended FamiliesA group for blended familiesWednesday at 7:00 PM3.70 MCo-EdSmart Step Families by Ron Deal
Cedar Springs Saturday at 7:00 PM4.01 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Spanish - Rogers RanchAfuera de 1604, cerca de Rogers Ranch Road Spanish Group. Kids welcomeFriday at 7:30 PM4.56 MCo-Ed 
Taco TuesdayMen’s study focused on reading books of the Bible. Questions from the Serendipity Bible by Zondervan allow the group to dive deeper as we are lead by the Holy Spirit growing our faith. We meet every Tuesday unless a holiday falls on the Tuesday. Our God never takes breaks away from his creation and Taco Tuesday does not break to grow in His word.Tuesday at 6:30 AM4.81 MMen-OnlyStudy books of the Bible
River Rock RanchThis group meets from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm, with the official study time from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pmWednesday at 6:45 PM4.97 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Mirabel Monday at 6:30 PM5.09 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Shavano Park ThursdayGroup meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each monthThursday at 7:00 PM5.43 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Spanish - Rogers Ranch Area (Young Adults)Young AdultsTuesday at 7:00 PM5.56 MCo-Ed 
Elm CreekThis group will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each monthThursday at 7:00 PM5.60 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Hunters Creek Garden Homes Monday at 10:00 AM6.00 MWomen-OnlyAlive In Us
WildhorseA group that’s focused on learning, growing in the word, building our faith and walking in our faith. Supports each other in love and building relationships in our communityWednesday at 7:00 PM6.49 MWomen-Only 
Fair Oaks Ranch Tuesday at 7:00 PM8.16 MCo-Ed 
Fair Oaks Central RanchThis group is for adults 30-80. They meet every other Tuesday eveningTuesday at 7:00 PM8.34 MCo-Ed 
Hollywood ParkWe will have interest meetings on November 14 and December 12. Anyone interested in joining or learning more about the group can join us. We will start meeting regularly in January. We will meet every other Thursday.Thursday at 6:30 PM8.38 MCo-EdBook of Acts
Timberwood ParkCome join a community of adult believers (and seekers) for a time of growing your faith and helping others grow theirs. A typical night will start with snacks and conversation. We'll open in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to lead this time, then sing a praise song, and dig into God's word and the sermon. We'll end with praying for each other.Sunday at 4:30 PM9.93 MCo-Ed 
Encino ParkGroup starts meeting Sept. 8.Sunday at 5:30 PM10.67 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Boerne HeightsThis is a family friendly group with activities for children. Usually members pitch in to provide child care.Thursday at 7:00 PM10.86 MCo-Ed 
Emerald ForestThis is a group for couples only with a targeted age group of 60 to 70 years of age. This groups meets one time a month.Sunday at 5:00 PM11.88 MCo-Ed 
Olmos ParkBible study, prayer and fellowshipThursday at 7:00 PM12.43 MWomen-OnlyVarious topics including Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
Spanish - Dentro de 1604, cerca de Potranco y 151Spanish Group. Kids welcome.Friday at 7:30 PM12.46 MCo-Ed 
Herff RanchThis small group rotates homes each week for bible study.Wednesday at 6:30 PM12.47 MCo-EdAlive in Us
Spanish - Town Lake NeighborhoodAl norte de 410 entre Broadway y Nacogdoches Rd Spanish Group. Adults only.Friday at 7:30 PM12.73 MCo-Ed 
Boerne YMCAThis group meets weekly at the Boerne YMCA's portable office building. You do not need to be a YMCA member to participate. (Contact YMCA for information about childcare.)Wednesday at 1:30 PM14.60 MCo-EdHoly Spirit Study by OHC
Ranger CreekWe meet at the Ranger Creek Clubhouse every 3rd Thursday of each month, except for the month of July.Thursday at 6:30 PM15.67 MCo-EdAlive in Us
Tapatio Springs Tuesday at 6:30 PM16.09 MCo-EdHoly Spirit study by OHC
Cordillera RanchThis group rotates homes for the study and may include a dinner.Wednesday at 5:45 PM16.22 MCo-EdAlive in Us
Alamo Ranch Small GroupsContact for info about Alamo Ranch Church Groups.Sunday at 11:00 AM17.75 MCo-Ed 
Garden RidgeChildren over the age of 10 years of age are welcome. There is no formal program for children so parents are encouraged to bring an activity for their children to complete. You can contact the leader at 210-419-2713 for more details.Wednesday at 6:00 PM19.05 MCo-EdAlive In Us
Harlandale Acres Wednesday20.80 MCo-Ed 
Kerrville Public Utility Board Wednesday at 6:30 PM41.00 MCo-EdAlive in Us