Songs for the Soul

Songs for the Soul: Rediscovering God through Hymns

Beyond nostalgia and tradition, hymns contain timeless truths that point us to the nature of God. As we rediscover these songs of old, we'll uncover deep theological truths that will challenge and inspire us to live more authentically in our relationship with God and with one another. Whether you grew up singing these hymns or have yet to encounter them in worship, we pray you'll discover God's presence and power through these melodies that have echoed through the ages.

In this five-week series, July 7 - August 4, we'll encounter songs to stir our souls, deepen our faith, and unite us as one family in Christ. 

Oak Hills Church is using the RightNow Media study The Practicing the Way Course by John Mark Comer to supplement our study throughout the week.

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Suggested Reading Plan

  • Hymns of Hope - 14-Day Reading Plan HERE

Weekly Memory Verses

  • Songs for the Soul - 5-Week Memory Verses HERE

Use the weekly sermon notes to follow along with each week's message.

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