Steadfast: Unwavering Faith in a Changing World

SERIES BEGINS: September, 11, 2022

ABOUT: We live in a changing world. Not just a world where our tech is obsolete within weeks, or where there’s a new COVID variant to keep track of every month. We live in a post-Christian world. Today’s generation is being formed by values, beliefs, and actions that are far from Christian. It’s normal for someone to grow up without ever going to church or without ever hearing about Jesus. But that’s where we come in. God has a plan for the chaos and an answer to the disbelief. He placed you and me on the front line. Now is the time for us to engage culture with the hope of Jesus. This is a study about Elijah, who was a prophet and a miracle worker. His story is one of unwavering faith - and God's faithfulness - despite a changing world. Everyone needs to hear about God’s steadfast presence in the world, and how to build an audacious, steadfast faith.

STUDY GUIDE: Use your Bible and the weekly study sheets to engage in spiritual practices that help us hear from God. Download the Steadfast Study Sheets (Weeks 1-12) HERE.