Faith With A Limp

Cheater. Struggler. Stumbler. Fighter. Struggler. Limper. That’s Jacob, son of Isaac, father of tribes, patriarch. If you’re looking for a hero, you could find someone with a better resume than Jacob. But if you’re looking for someone to identify with, Jacob might fit the bill. His life reminds us: God uses flawed people. But God doesn’t abandon us to our flawed condition; he will shape us in order to use us for good. And that is good news.  

Haven’t all of us had our Jacob moments? Like the patriarch, we’ve wrestled with God about our past, our future, our pain and problems. And though Jacob’s journey was fraught with crafty, sneaky, disappointing moments, God shaped him until Jacob’s journey ends with a testament to faith. 

The story of Jacob is the perfect story for imperfect people. It’s a fascinating life, with much to teach us about the lengths God will go to refine and use us.  

Join us for Faith with a Limp: A 12-week study on the story of Jacob.