Honduras / Casa de Ester: Jan. 13-20, 2024

January 01, 2023 to January 31, 2024
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Case de Ester is a ministry that provides physical, spiritual, and emotional support to girls who are victims of abuse. Additionally, they provide educational, vocational, and transition assistance to these young ladies. During our time at CDE we will build relationships and minister to young ladies and teens who have been victims of trauma, abuse, and neglect. Our time is spent at CDE serving, teaching, encouraging our sisters.

ITINERARY (Tentative)

January 13 (Travel Day): Depart San Antonio, TX, travel to Casa de Ester in Tegucigal pa, Honduras. We will spend the afternoon/evening getting to know the girls and sharing our schedule. Before returning to the Mission Home to prepare for the days to come.

January 14-16 (Ministry Days): We begin early with an OHC devo time, walk over to CDE for breakfast, devo / journal time, and begin our ministry time. We end the day with the girls with worship time; we then walk to our Mission Home for our OHC nightly team devo.

January 17 (Rest Day): Free day for the OHC team. We will be flexible based on current business conditions in Honduras to eat out and bless vendors. We will end our day visiting / encouraging the girls of Casa Legado, the transitional home located in the city.

January 18-19 (Ministry Day): Similar schedule to ministry days above. Our evening will include a night of sharing, and a time of celebration.

January 20(Travel Day): Depart Honduras, fly to San Antonio, TX, arrive late that night.