Nicaragua MDC: Dec. 11-15, 2022

January 27, 2022 to December 23, 2022
Distribution of Manos de Cristo shoe boxes collected at our OHC Westside Campus and CR Spanish Ministry. Oak Hill’s Short Term Mission Teams partner with The Messiah Project. Our two in country contacts are Scott Felder & Steve Bakos. The Messiah Project ministry began several years ago, established to minister & train native Nicaraguan Christian leaders to bring spiritual, emotional, and physical help to meet the needs of the people in many areas of the country.

The OHC STM team coordinates the collecting of the “Manos de Cristo” Christmas boxes with the OHC Spanish Worship and Westside campus, whose members collect and put them together. This collaboration allows both OHC STM & both OHC worship groups to share these blessings with the village ministries outreach & praise God. The STM team shares the story of Jesus’ birth, crafts, & participates with daily feeding centers in each village. God is building strong bonds of friendship & faith as we serve with the Messiah Project & share God’s love and truth with His children in Nicaragua.