Sunday Morning Online Covenant Study Group
Sunday | 8:15 AM

Discover how the doctrine of the Holy Spirit developed historically, and how the Spirit works dynamically in the world, the church, and believers. The curriculum for this course was developed as a ministry training tool by Third Millennium Ministries and will be presented via Zoom as a video-facilitated class with lesson transcripts and study guide. The curriculum guide for these lessons reads as follows: Practically speaking, the Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity who is most involved in our daily lives. But many Christians know far more about the Father and the Son than they do about the Spirit. In this series we'll discover how the doctrine of the Holy Spirit developed historically, and we'll explore the Spirit's dynamic work in the world, in the church, and in believers. Series Goals: • Trace the development of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit's distinct personhood within the Trinity. • Explore the Spirit's works of creation and providence in the world at large. • Explain the Spirit's work in God's Old and New Testament covenant communities. • Examine the Spirit's work in individual believers. Class sessions start at 8:15 AM and ends by 9:30 AM so participants who want to have time to attend the 10:30 service in-person. Those interested will be provided the Zoom link and where to download the transcripts and study guides. Participants will also be able to listen to or watch the lessons to review or if they miss a class.


We Believe in the Holy Spirit

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Adult Only
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Ray Nishikawa

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