Speaking Schedule - North Central


Weekend Title Speaker
Feb. 24 Holy Spirit/Love
Don't be filled with other stuff, being filled with the Spirit, new wine/new wine skins. Key Scripture: Ephesians 5:18
Jason Bishop
Mar. 03 Word
Word - Fill yourself with the Word of God. Key Scripture Colossians 3:16
Jason Bishop
Mar. 10 Hope
Rejoice and be filled with hope. Key Scripture Romans 12:12
Larry Arnold
Mar. 17 Grace
Receiving forgiveness individually. Key Scripture Ephesians 2:8-10
Max Lucado
Mar. 24 Forgiving Heart
Jesus was a forgiver, tenderhearted, opportunity for people to forgive. Key scripture Ephesians 4:32
Max Lucado
Mar. 31 Compassionate Heart
Concerned about the world around me. How I reach outward to others, Missional life. Key scripture Colossians 3:12
Jason Bishop
Apr. 07 Rejoicing Heart
Fullness of Joy and thanksgiving, Joy is my strength. Key Scripture Colossians 2:6-7
Ben Davis
Apr. 14 Worshiping Heart
A heart that wants to give praise to God, trusting the Lord. Key Scripture Psalms 40:3
Max Lucado

Weekend Title Speaker
Apr. 21 Easter
Max Lucado