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Have you ever spent an extended amount of time talking with your mate and still felt disconnected? Well, you are not alone. Many couples feel disconnected from their mates even though they spend a great deal of time together. Why is that? It may be because there is a great deal of difference between talking and connecting. Over the next seven weeks we will be discussing this very topic during our weekly Sunday school class. Please join us during our normal Enriching Couples Zoom call to participate in this relationship discussion.  Beginning June 14th, runs 7 weeks with breaks on Father's Day (June 21st) and Fourth of July weekend (July 5th).

Starting every Sunday, June 14, @ 10:45am via Zoom
Contact: Sandra Maldonado at (314) 604-7392 or Caroline Du (210) 834-0641

Crownridge Campus

(314) 604-7392

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