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We believe the very best way for us to grow in our faith is together in community. That is why we are passionate about everyone joining a Small Group! We hope to offer a Small Group in your community. Groups are available for families, single adults, men, women and college students/young adults.

Input your address below and/or search the map for a group near you. Submit your information and the leader will contact you with details about their group.

Some Small Groups include families with children. In those groups, the participants are responsible for making their own childcare arrangements to ensure the proper safety and care of their children. Oak Hills Church is not responsible for childcare arrangements.

Have Questions?: If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lynda Rodriguez by EMAIL or call 210.698.4626. (Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218)

Group Finder

NameDescriptionScheduleDistanceGroup Type_______________
The Heights of CrownRidge Sunday at 6:30 PM0.44 MMixedAdults only
Walden Heights Sunday at 5:00 PM0.98 MMixedAdults only
Oak Hills Church - Growing the Family (room F206)Open group for adults 20-30s. For couples who have no children and others who have babies and preschoolers. We will be taking July and August off and pickup after Labor Day. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 10:00 AM1.18 MMixedKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Authentic Manhood (Men-only) - Thursday MorningOpen to men and boys of all ages. Meeting in room the south room- till May 31. (We will take a break for summer and pick back up in fall.)Thursday at 6:00 PM1.19 MMen-Only 
Oak Hills Church - Crownridge - When Helping HurtsTimes - 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Dates – April 28th-June 9th (not meeting Mother’s Day) Location – Crown Ridge Campus in room F 204Sunday at 1:30 PM1.19 MMixed 
Oak Hills Church - Abiding for Life (Room: southroom)We meet in the southroom. -- Learning to live our lives as true expressions of our abiding relationship with Christ. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 9:45 AM1.19 MMixedKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Authentic Manhood (Men-only) - Thursday NightOpen to men and boys of all ages. Meeting in room W103 - till May 31. (We will take a break for summer and pick back up in fall.)Thursday at 6:30 PM1.19 MMen-Only 
Oak Hills Church - Women's Ministry - Summer Bible Study - Register NOW!One of the greatest challenges among women in our culture is taking time to cease from all the activities and just breathe. We are in bondage to busyness. We constantly strive to complete the limitless to-do lists that hinder us from experiencing all that God as for us. By neglecting time for tranquility, serenity, and repose, we limit our Christlikeness and miss out on some of God's greatest gifts. If you are weary, worn out, and exhausted, then the concept of Sabbath will change your life! Bibleland Buddies registration closes May 31, 2019. Register soon! at 6:30 PM1.19 MWomen-OnlyKid-friendly
Saturday Night Bible StudyAfter Saturday Service at the Oak Hills Church - Crownridge Campus (Room A205)Saturday at 6:00 PM1.23 MMixedAdults only
Oak Hills Church - Women's Ministry - Mentoring MomsMentoring Moms is a ministry to moms of young children from birth through first grade. The program includes a light dinner, speakers who address relevant “mom topics”, and prayer time with mentor-led small groups. Join us once a month at 6:30 PM, South Room. Meeting Dates: Jan. 14, Feb. 11, Apr. 8 (homes), May 13. Childcare is not available.Monday at 6:30 PM1.23 MWomen-OnlyAdults only
Oak Hills Church - Covenant (Room A206)Open to all ages. Bring your bible. Interactive class that allows persons with a passion to know and grow closer to God to study the Bible, ask questions, have discussions or just list. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 9:45 AM1.24 MMixedKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Women's Ministry - Tuesday Morning Bible StudyClasses offered: Discovery & Discipleship: Dust of the Rabbi & Path to the Cross (Part II) ---- Living Hope: The Promised One ---- Women of the Word: 12 Minor Prophets ---- Plain Truth: Romans ---- Side by Side: Gideon (A ministry of CMDA) ---- New Beginnings: All Things New, 2 Corinthians ---- Estudio De Mujeres En Español: "Una confesión del corazón"Tuesday at 9:30 AM1.26 MWomen-OnlyKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Single Adult - FusionRoom W101 Single Adults ages 30-39 --- Singles group going through the books of the Bible. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 10:00 AM1.27 MMixedKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - College + Young Adult (Crowndrige)We are the College + Young Adults of Oak Hills Church. We gather together every Thursday night at 7:00pm. Our desire is to worship God, study His word and make a difference in the lives of those around us. We are defined by our passion for Jesus and people! Come as you are. All are welcome!Thursday at 7:00 PM1.27 MMixedAdults only, College + Young Adults
Young ProfessionalsWe are a group of young professionals (mid-20s to early 30s) who gather Sunday afternoons after church service. Our prayer is that our community group would be a place to abide in the Word, as we develop accountable friendships, discern our God-given spiritual gifts, and build a strong foundation of our independent identity in Christ while acting in obedience to God's callings in our lives.Sunday1.27 MMixedAdults only, College + Young Adults
College + Young Adult (Men-only)This group meets twice a month. The group does a variety of activities: bible study, eating meals, paintball, etc.Saturday at 1:00 PM1.28 MMen-OnlyCollege + Young Adults
Oak Hills Church - Parenting Grouproom A206 at 11:30 a.m. on SundaysSunday at 11:30 AM1.29 MMixed 
Oak Hills Church - Family DiscipleshipDuring the school year, we meet in the student center @ 10:00 a.m. During the summer we meet once a month and have monthly fellowships: meals, pool parties, Lake Medina, etc. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 10:00 AM1.30 MMixedKid-friendly
Spanish - Crownridge Oak Hills Church - Student Center 11:00 AM Sunday at 11:00 AM1.30 MMixedSpanish
Spanish - OHC Crownridge Student Center Sunday at 10:00 AM1.30 MMixedSpanish
Oak Hills Church - Single Adult - MomentumRoom W105 Single Adults ages 40+ --- A study in 1 & 2 Thessalonians. (Bibleland Available)Sunday at 10:00 AM1.37 MMixedKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Women's Ministry - Tuesday Evening Bible StudyClasses offered: Women of Victory and Young Women's Bible StudyTuesday at 6:30 PM1.37 MWomen-OnlyKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Women's Ministry - Moms in Prayer GroupMoms in Prayer Group: Praying for College and Career Young Adults: Mondays, Jan. 7, 9:30 am - 11:00 am, Room F209Monday at 9:30 AM1.37 MWomen-OnlyAdults only
Sonoma Ranch SummitStudying OverflowTuesday at 7:00 PM2.43 MMixedAdults only
College + Young Adult (Women Only)This group meets twice a month.Sunday at 3:30 PM2.44 MWomen-OnlyCollege + Young Adults
Cedar Springs Sunday4.16 MMixedAdults only
Spanish - Rogers RanchAfuera de 1604, cerca de Rogers Ranch Road Spanish Group. Kids welcomeFriday at 7:30 PM4.56 MMixedKid-friendly, Spanish
MirabelChild friendly groupMonday at 6:30 PM5.30 MMixedKid-friendly
The Villas at Rogers RanchWe are at 1604 and Rogers Ranch. We will have a lite meal with fellowship and bible discussion. Text/call to: 210-269-7514Thursday at 6:30 PM5.36 MMixedAdults only
Spanish - Rogers Ranch Area (Young Adults)Young AdultsFriday at 7:00 PM5.56 MMixedSpanish, College + Young Adults
Hunters Creek Garden Homes Monday at 10:00 AM6.00 MWomen-OnlyAdults only
Spanish - TrailwoodAl lado oeste de IH 10, entre Ralph Fair Rd y Fair Oaks Pkwy Kids are welcomeFriday at 7:30 PM6.47 MMixedKid-friendly, Spanish
Fair Oaks Ranch centralWe are studying Overflow in the spring.Tuesday at 7:00 PM8.34 MMixed 
Fredricksburg Rd./410Overflow group meets at Denny's in the party room. Ladies 38 and up welcome.Thursday at 6:30 PM9.30 MWomen-Only 
Tuesday Men's StudyTuesday 6:00am @ The Kolache FactoryTuesday at 6:00 AM9.67 MMen-OnlyAdults only
Regal VillageOverflow small group, meal providedThursday at 6:30 PM9.87 MMixed 
Boerne HeightsWe will be studying "The Holy Spirit: an introduction" by John Bevere beginning January 22, 2019.Tuesday at 7:00 PM9.90 MMixedKid-friendly
Tuesday Women's Study Tuesday at 9:00 AM10.53 MWomen-OnlyAdults only
Transform Men's Ministry AM Saturday at 8:00 AM10.90 MMen-OnlyAdults only
Encino ParkCouples 10.92 MMixedKid-friendly
TPC ParkwayCouples group.Thursday10.92 MMixedKid-friendly
Alamo Ranch - Young AdultsOHC AR Fellowship Hall | 12280 Alamo Ranch Pkw, San Antonio TX 78253 ----- If you are a College student or 20-Something, Young Adults is for you! We meet every other Sunday at 6pm at Oak Hills Alamo Ranch. We hope this group can be a place for you to learn and grow with fellow Young Adults in the same season of life. We typically have a time to enjoy free dinner, hear a short talk and spend time in group discussions. We're currently following a series called "Grey Areas", which explores why areas of life may not always be black and white. We hope to see you soon!Sunday at 6:00 PM10.92 MMixedCollege + Young Adults
Transform Men's Ministry PM Monday at 7:00 PM10.96 MMen-OnlyAdults only
Del Webb 2 Wednesday at 5:30 PM11.41 MMixedAdults only
Del Webb 3 Wednesday at 7:00 PM11.41 MMixedAdults only
Emerald ForestThis is a couples only (ages 60 to 70s) group which meets once a month on Sundays.Sunday at 5:00 PM11.88 MMixedAdults only
College/Young AdultsOverflow small group welcoming College/ 20'sThursday at 6:00 PM11.96 MMixedAdults only, College + Young Adults
WoodlawnOverflow small group will rotate homes each week.Friday at 7:30 PM12.21 MMixedKid-friendly
Westpointe at Fronterra Thursday at 7:00 PM12.30 MMixedAdults only
Herff RanchWe are studying End Times: A Study of Prophecy by Pastor Stephen Armstrong from Verse By Verse Ministry International ( starting on January 9, 2019.Wednesday at 6:30 PM12.39 MMixed 
Spanish - Dentro de 1604, cerca de Potranco y 151Spanish Group. Kids welcome.Friday at 7:30 PM12.46 MMixedKid-friendly, Spanish
Spanish - Town Lake NeighborhoodAl norte de 410 entre Broadway y Nacogdoches Rd Spanish Group. Adults only.Friday at 7:30 PM12.73 MMixedAdults only, Spanish
YMCAOpen to the community and YMCA members.Tuesday at 7:15 PM12.87 M  
ASLThis group provides a light lunch for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and those fluent in conversational ASL. Meets at Westside Fellowship in CHRC portable 103.Sunday at 12:00 PM13.01 M Adults only, ASL Interpretation
Northern Hills/Bellcrest Thursday at 6:30 PM14.17 MMixed 
Boerne YMCAWe are studying Overflow and meet weekly at the Boerne YMCA office's portable building. You do not need to be a YMCA member to participate.Wednesday at 1:30 PM14.64 MMixed 
Indian SpringsWe will be studying Overflow every other Tuesday from 7-8:30 PM starting January 29, 2019.Tuesday at 7:00 PM14.83 MMixed 
Bella Vista Sunday at 6:30 PM15.16 MMixedKid-friendly
Oliviero Tuesday at 6:30 PM15.45 MMixedAdults only
Ranger CreekWe are studying the Overflow series starting January 17, 2019. This group meets every third Thursday for study and a dinner at the Ranger Creek Clubhouse.Thursday at 6:30 PM15.49 MMixed 
Tapatio SpringsWe are studying the Overflow series.Tuesday at 6:30 PM15.60 MMixed 
Cordillera RanchWe are studying Galatians for the next 6 weeks starting May 8th 2019.Wednesday at 5:45 PM15.73 MMixedAdults only
Emerald Point - Green Mountain Tuesday at 6:00 PM15.88 MMixedAdults only
Rolling Meadows - Biltmore Lakes Wednesday at 6:30 PM17.21 MMixed 
Converse WomenWomen OnlyFriday at 10:00 AM18.24 MWomen-Only 
Sunrise Canyon Tuesday at 6:30 AM18.37 MMen-OnlyAdults only
Canyon High Friday at 7:00 PM18.57 MMixedAdults only
Garden Ridge Thursday at 7:00 PM18.72 MMixedAdults only
Garden Ridge Women's Bible Study Tuesday at 9:00 AM19.22 MWomen-Only 
Olympia Thursday at 7:00 PM19.45 MMixed 
Garden Ridge/The Enclave Sunday at 3:00 PM19.60 MMixed 
Live Oak Hills - Neighborhood Thursday Thursday at 6:30 PM19.98 MMixed 
Carolina Crossing Wednesday at 6:30 PM20.71 MMixed 
Jonas WoodsText me with any questions you may have at 210-473-9888Monday at 7:00 PM20.84 MMixed 
Windy Meadows/Terrell Hills Sunday at 4:00 PM21.06 MMixed 
Rockwall Ranch Thursday at 7:00 PM21.80 MMixed 
Wynnbrook Sunday at 5:30 PM22.13 MMixed 
Greenshier SchertzWe meet every other Tuesday and study a book of the Bible. We were also meeting quarterly for an informal get together/potluck.Tuesday at 7:30 PM22.22 MMixed 
Deer Creek Saturday at 6:30 PM23.10 MMixed 
Emily's Place Coffee Shop Monday24.38 MWomen-OnlyAdults only
OHC - Journey Fellowship Young Adult Thursday at 6:30 PM24.38 MMixedAdults only, College + Young Adults
BanderaWe will be studying Overflow starting January 18, 2019.Friday at 7:00 PM24.62 MMixed 
Live Oak Hills - Neighborhood Tuesday Tuesday at 5:30 PM24.73 MMixed 
Oak Run Sunday28.74 MMixedKid-friendly
Dove Crossing Sunday at 4:00 PM31.60 MMixedKid-friendly
Castle Ridge Sunday at 6:00 PM31.72 MMixed 
River Acres - North Monday at 6:30 PM31.92 MMixed 
River Chase Sunday Sunday33.27 MMixed 
River Chase - Women's Group Thursday at 9:00 AM35.56 MWomen-Only 
River Chase FridayWe rotate the homes that the group meets at each week. We share a meal provided by the host (others bring sides) at 6:30 PM followed by prayer and study.Friday at 6:30 PM35.57 MMixedAdults only
Kerrville Public Utility BoardStudying the Overflow series. Starting date is January 23, 2019.Wednesday at 7:00 PM41.00 MMixedKid-friendly
Whataburger Friday at 7:00 PM46.85 MMixed 
Oak Hills Church (Thursday Night) - Fredericksburg Tuesday at 6:30 PM47.09 MMixed 
Oak Hills Church - Fredericksburg Tuesday at 3:00 PM47.09 MMixed 
Oak Hills Church - Fredericksburg (Women's Group)Child Care AvailableWednesday at 6:30 PM47.09 MWomen-OnlyKid-friendly
Oak Hills Church - Fredericksburg (Women's Group) Thursday at 10:00 AM47.10 MWomen-Only 
Oak Hills Church - Fredericksburg (Men's Group_Men's Group - group is active, leader does not have email, therefore, not no mapWednesday at 9:00 AM47.10 MMen-Only 
Burger King on Hwy 16 at Milam Sunday at 6:30 PM47.30 MMixed 
Andy's Diner Thursday at 8:00 AM47.54 MMixed 
Johnson City, TX Tuesday at 6:30 PM48.95 MMixed 
Fredericksburg NE Sunday at 6:30 PM50.78 MMixed