Colossians: A sermon series on the sufficiency of Jesus
As we study Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae, we will explore the true nature of Jesus as both Creator and Redeemer. Through this study we’ll be affirmed in the divinity of Jesus and find rest as we lean into the sufficiency of Jesus. We encourage you to engage with this study throughout our series, May 30 - June 28, 2020.

Study Tools

The spiritual practice of studying God‘s Word enables us to uncover the riches of truth and wisdom found in Scripture. Consider engaging with this study personally, at home, in (virtual) small groups, and during the weekend worship service. 

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Use your Bible and the weekly study guide to gain a greater understanding of the inheritance and sufficiency of Christ that exists for his followers. Download the full 5 week Study Sheet PDF for Colossians HERE

Reading Challenge - Join us over the next five weeks as we read through the Book of Colossians. It’s a simple and powerful way to use the spiritual practice of meditation to focus your heart and mind on God each day. Use your Bible or open the Book of Colossians in a digital format. View the schedule and supplemental scripture suggestions on the Study Sheets (see above). The Reading Challenge runs June 1 - July 5, 2020.

Supplement your study with RightNow Media's streaming library of Bible study videos and digital resources for families, couples, children and teens. Explore this video Bible study library to help you create a spiritually vibrant household. Sign up for a free RightNow Media account through Oak Hills Church HERE.

Learn more about the spiritual practice of Bible study. Watch David Mathis' the Basics for How to Study the Bible video HERE.

Gain an overview of the Book of Colossians. Watch Bible Project' Overview: Colossians video HERE.  

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