Next Steps

Worship Together
We experience God weekly in worship together.

  • Participate (attend in-person or online) consistently.
  • Engage in all of service elements (singing, prayer, giving, communion, etc).
  • Bring your Bible.
  • Know your row (connect with the people who sit around you).
  • Be the reason someone comes back.

Biblical Community
We encourage one another weekly in biblical community.

Spiritual Practices
We encounter God daily through spiritual practices.

Serve Others
We express love daily through serving others.


Our licensed counselors work from a biblically based, solution-focused, clinically-sound process, guided by the Holy Spirit and informed by Scripture, to bring about healing, spiritual formation and Christ-centered living. Services are available by appointment for adults, children, individuals, and couples. CLICK HERE to learn more.


The Care Team of Oak Hills Church offers a variety of options for both congregants and non-congregants that supports those that are looking for Christian guidance and counseling based on God’s Word. No matter what your circumstance, we will demonstrate the love of Christ and provide you with the care that you are seeking without judgment or condemnation. CLICK HERE to learn more.