Small Groups come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Small Groups are also unique in needs, passions, outlook and perspective.  Therefore it is Oak Hills desire to equip toward health.  Some groups need deep bible study, some are bible-beginners, some want to get out and serve their community, some  provide a safe place for healing and some want to focus on those not at the table.

How do we equip toward health? 

  • We provide support in relationship with other leaders through the Small Group Leader Forum
  • We provide one-on-one coaching/mentoring with a Coach or Group Life Ministers
  • We provide suggested curriculum resources (book, video, etc.) - see below

Group Study Tools:

  • Please look at the group resources below, you can use the filter option to narrow down your selection.
  • You can also contact your Group Life Minister for suggestions or coaching support for what is best for your group.
  • RightNow Media account: Request an invitation by clicking HERE.

Oak Hills Church - First Things First

As the new year begins, 2021 brings a chance to start fresh. Did you know that the gospel offers us the best second chance, any time of the year? With the hope of Jesus comes the ultimate do over. If you could use a Do Over or just need to be encourage with gospel truth as you start 2021, then be sure to join us on the weekend of January 2/3.

Missional Community

Christians everywhere are asking big questions about what it means to follow Jesus, how their faith should affect everyday life, and how church should figure into their response to poverty and other social justice issues.

The Anatomy of a Disciple

You're a believer. You're a follower of Christ trying to mature in your faith. And while you're waiting to grow, you end up sinning again and again. So you try to be good, and try to do more, and hope to grow spiritually. But grow to what?

Tangible Kingdom

Everyone is talking about community. Everyone seems to want it, but most struggle to find it. Matt and Hugh have written The Tangible Kingdom Primer with two specific purposes. First, to be a spiritual formation tool to prepare your heart for mission.

Prodigal God (Tim Keller)

Taking his trademark intellectual approach to understanding Christianity, Timothy Keller uncovers the essential message of Jesus, locked inside his most familiar parable. Within that parable, Jesus reveals God’s prodigal grace toward both the irreligious and the moralistic. This book will challenge both the devout and skeptics to see Christianity in a whole new way.

Foundations of Apologetics (Right Now Video Series)

Students of this rigorous curriculum will become adept at recognizing the many worldviews influencing our culture and equipped to challenge the assumptions of these worldviews. It is our prayer you will find the studies foster not only knowledge but also cultivate the skills to communicate that knowledge in a way that is winsome and effective.

True Spirituality (Chip Ingram)

For many Christians, the abundant life that we hear about on Sunday doesn't line up with our experience Monday through Saturday. Many sincere believers find themselves feeling stuck, frustrated, and fatigued. If you've ever felt like you were 'going through the motions' without experiencing true joy or power, this may describe you.

Oak Hills Church - Searching for Springtime (Fall 2020 sermon series)

Join us for our 12-week study through the Book of Esther this fall, September 12/13 - November 28/29. Together, we’ll be Searching for Springtime.

Oak Hills Church - Our Good Shepherd: Right Now Media - Matt Chandler

Oak Hills Church will use a RightNow Media Bible Study, by Matt Chandler to study Psalms 23 for the month of July 2020. This study will partner well with the Oak Hills Church sermon series titled "Our Good Shepherd."

Oak Hills Church - Living Courageously

Will you answer the call to courage? Will you live courageously? We encourage you to engage with this study throughout our series, August 15 - September 6, 2020.

Oak Hills Church - Colossians: A sermon series on the sufficiency of Jesus

As we study Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae, we will explore the true nature of Jesus as both Creator and Redeemer. Through this study we’ll be affirmed in the divinity of Jesus and find rest as we lean into the sufficiency of Jesus.

Oak Hills Church - Moment by Moment

Oak Hills Church has provided a five week Study Sheet resource for our Moment by Moment sermon series. In this study, we'll discover how following Jesus requires our willingness to hear from God and speak to him. We'll learn how engaging in spiritual practices provides the opportunity for us to gain a fresh perspective from God’s vantage point. We encourage you to engage with this study throughout our series, April 19 - May 17, 2020. Link to Study Sheet - coming soon

Oak Hills Church - Follow Me

Follow Me: A sermon series on walking with Jesus Jesus called the disciples, and he's calling you. Follow Me is a foundational discipleship series looking at what it means to follow Jesus moment by moment. We'll study the gospels and dive into the experiences of his disciples. 8 weeks, Jan. 5 thru Feb. 23

Oak Hills Church - Holy Week Study Sheet

Oak Hills Church has provided a two week Study Sheet resource for our Holy Week sermon series. We encourage you to engage with this study personally, at home, in small groups, and by attending a weekend worship service. Use this resource to enrich your faith during the weeks of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, April 4 - April 12, 2020.

Colossians (Right Now Video Series)

The Colossians series looks at the person of Jesus Christ and who He is. Covering the history of Rome and how it was believed to be the great salvation, this series points to the true source of salvation, Jesus Christ, asking the question, “Where have you put your hope?”

Oak Hills Church - James Source: Bible Study (from North Point Ministries)

Oak Hills Church will use the North Point Ministries Bible Study for James as we go through the month of March 2020. This study will partner well with the Oak Hills Church sermon series titled "Living on Mission." Sermon Series: 5 weeks, March 1 thru March 29 James - Source: Bible Study: Sometimes it can be an exercise trying to apply the Bible to your daily life. But James makes God's Word perfectly clear for his readers by discussing real-life applications of the Christian faith throughout his letter. In this study you'll discover the wisdom behind living out your faith in practical ways. Sermon Study Guide: 5 sessions, through the book of James

Oak Hills Church - Alive In Us

In this day and age, we’re more aware than ever of the need for “power.” Every device requires it to function properly. We’re always looking for a way to charge, a place to plug in. But did you know that we need a power supply for our souls in order to function fully and experience all that God has in store for us.

Oak Hills Church - Overflow

We've all experienced moments of refreshment, fleeting experiences that give new strength and energy. After the moments fade, we're back to the daily grind. But a life refreshed? That's a different story. What if we could enter each day reinvigorated by life's adventure? God gives us the secret to energy, strength and joy. It's life to the full, receiving the blessings and gifts of God and pouring them into others. It's overflow—a life refreshed by generosity.