The Family Matters | Series begins April 27/28, 2019

For many, the thought of family conjures fond memories of holiday traditions, milestone celebrations, and summer vacations. For others, family is defined by past hurts or current hardships. No matter what comes to mind when you think of family, the Bible tells us that family means something wonderful to God. Regardless of what your household looks like - single, married, divorced, empty-nesters – everyone lives with the experience of family.

This spring, we’ll take eight weeks to look at God’s plan for family and relationships. We’ll authentically explore some big topics today’s families encounter: identity, unmet expectations, conflict, technology, and family legacy.

We invite you to join us beginning April 27/28, as we focus our families on faith, build healthy, Christ-centered relationships within families, and create spiritually vibrant households.  

CLASSES | Consider attending one of our classes this spring to strengthen your family! Click the name below to learn more and register.
Couples & Finances Class - May 4 
Single & Parenting Class – May 7 - August 6 (Join any time)
Couples & Conflict Class – July 13
The Art of Parenting Class - September 7 - October 26 (Save the date, registration coming soon!)
Recharge: A Parent Conference – September 21 (Save the date, registration coming soon!)
Couples & Sex/Affection Class - November 9

| Gather your family and join us for a chance to connect and serve together!
World Vision Global 6K - May 11 
Family Movie Night - June 7
Recess Bible Clubs - June 17-19
Family Bible-times Marketplace - July 23-25

FAMILY RESOURCES | Explore these free resources to help you create a spiritually vibrant household.
RightNow Media - Streaming library of Bible study videos and digital resources for families, couples, children and teens!
Spotify Playlist - Have fun reliving the 90's with this collection of Contemporary Christian Music hits!