Ongoing Training

Foundational Training

Before you jump into leading a group we would love for you to understand the WHY behind groups at Oak Hills Church.  We have prepared four foundational videos that help cast a big picture vision for biblical community.  The videos will give you a glimpse of holistic three-fold community. After viewing them, we would love to talk with you.

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Small Group Leader Forum

The Small Group Leader Forum is a great opportunity to meet with other small group leaders for training, equipping and an opportunity to share stories, struggles, and ideas. Please join us at your campus. Most campuses have a recurring meeting.

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Building Better Community

By using simple exercises in your group, you can begin taking relationships to a deeper level.  The exercises are intended to be simple and not time consuming.  You may be surprised to find your community growing relationally through these simple exercises.

Choose some of the exercises and resources below to build better community.

Create Appreciation

Quiet Your Soul

Building Better Community Skills

Practicing Gratitude

Connect and Rest

Joy Memories

Move from Fear to Joy


All of us want to get better as group leaders. Sometimes attending a seminar or class can help us improve. Sometimes what we really need is to add a single tool to our toolbox. We've designed a series of short training videos related to an individual skill that will help you add tools to your leader toolbox.

Starting your Team

Healthy Teams

Neighboring Ideas

Sometimes the best way to learn is to hear from someone, just like you, who is out there leading in the trenches.  We've  interviewed other Oak Hills leaders to hear some of their best practical ideas for leading.

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