Don Makalous - Community Minister

Do you live in the Bandera, Boerne Champion, Boerne High, Comfort or Kerrville Areas? Don would love to connect with you!

Email: Don Makalous| Phone: 210.698.4667

We asked Don a few questions:

What do you love most about the city/community where you live and serve? I’m a small town guy, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Boerne is perfect in that sense, it’s a thriving, small, close knit community. The residents are so open, warm, and full of heart that it makes it so simple to be Jesus to others.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen while serving there? Serving in Boerne has been abundantly fruitful but I would have to say the unity of our community. We have had several efforts to coordinate with other churches and use the different studies to build groups in our neighborhoods. Thankfully we are still seeing the fruition of that today. Neighbors, from different churches, joining together for the greater goal.

What do you love about God? I worked with ministries similar to Oak Hills Church Community Life for 21 years and through a series of events, that door closed – for about 10 years. God’s timing is nothing short of perfect and by his grace, I was hired on at Oak Hills as the first Community Minister. My heart gushed with gratitude at the opportunity to be able to serve alongside all of you.

What is one thing about you that might surprise people? There a few things about me that might surprise people: I played college football, was an officer in the United States Air Force, and I also had a lead role in The Sound of Music.

Tell us about your family (married, kids, grandkids, pets). I am married to an amazing woman and together we have two wonderful children who are both married. We have four grandchildren, whom we adore as well as a fifth that is on the way.