Following Jesus Moment by Moment

We believe the Church exists to extend the presence, the purpose and power of Jesus on earth. The Bible calls this the Gospel, or “Good News.” We like to call it God’s Grand Story.

We sum up God’s Grand Story into one sentence: It is God saying, "I want to give you a way to come back to me, so that we can do life together." We believe God’s Grand Story is a story of love and redemption. We trust God when he tells us he has been pursuing us ever since the Garden of Eden, where mankind chose a life apart from him. We believe God when he tells us there is no other way to find an eternal life of hope, peace, and purpose, except through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus made that kind of life possible through his death and sacrifice on the cross. We come into that life by trusting in him in faith and accepting his free gift of salvation. Because we now belong to him, we follow him in baptism. But that’s not all. The great news of the Good News is that once we accept Christ’s invitation to join his story, we become part of the Church – the Body of Christ. As his Body we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue the work of Jesus - to be Jesus to the world around us.

So this brings you to the most important question you can ever ask yourself, "Have I received Christ’s gift on the cross, and have I decided to follow him in my life?" We are here to help you get an answer if you don’t know or you are not sure. Don’t end this day without having certainty about this most important question. If you have questions about what has been shared, please speak with one of our ministers today by reaching out to us via email or call 210.698.6868.

If you are a Christ follower, you may wonder how the Good News shapes how we equip and encourage people to share the God's Grand Story with others. God has a placed unique opportunities around us to love our neighbors in our neighborhood, at work, at school, through our kids' sports, and even at the grocery store. We are committed to caring for people when we come together to worship and wherever we are in our community. Benny and Dee are a wonderful picture of what this looks like, read their story below. 

At Oak Hills, we desire for the Gospel to drive everything we do. And the Good News of the Gospel compels us to show Christ's love to our neighbors wherever we cross paths. Our understanding of the Good News is what shapes how we live... following Jesus moment by moment.