AR Women’s Bible Study - Thurs Morning - Fall

Thursday mornings at 9:30 am this fall, the Known by Name series begins on September 19, 2019 in the Fellowship Hall. 

The Known by Name series approaches Bible study in a whole new way. By looking at complex women in the Bible through three very different lenses—a dramatist (Nicole Johnson), a counselor (Kasey Van Norman), and a Bible teacher (Jada Edwards)—these studies really get to the bottom of some of life’s toughest questions and the very real struggles that accompany them. 

This Bible study will take you through Rahab’s story as she trusted God’s final word about her worth above society’s. You will learn how to shed unhelpful labels and fears, and instead revel in God’s unconditional love and acceptance of you–just as you are. You can be free from shame and doubt. 

This Bible study will also take you through Hagar’s story as she learns from hurt and heartache that what is unresolved is not unseen by God. The lack of finality in Hagar’s story teaches us to trust God with the ending–believing he sees us and he knows. 

Cost of the workbook is $16 and will be available on the first meeting day.

Childcare is available with preregistration ONLY through Sept 5, 2019. $30 per family.

To register for Childcare, click HERE.

Alamo Ranch Campus

(210) 807-5260

Fellowship Hall

Date / Time

Workbook Cost is $16.

Registration closed on Thursday, September 19, 2019