Family Marketplace 2019

Imagine what it was like to live and work in a seaside town along the Sea of Galilee when Jesus was there!
You would hear the buzz about the teacher Jesus, who was causing quite a stir around the town. As our families are immersed in the Bible culture of Galilee, they will experience new traditions, taste new foods, try new arts and crafts, and discover Jesus in Galilee. Parents attend with their children to experience this unique opportunity as a FAMILY. $20/family. Space is limited. Nursery available for 2 yrs & under.
Everyone will wear a Bibletimes Costume. Bring your fabric (3 yards/adult. 2 yards/child) on the following days to have it sewn if needed.
Sewing days: Sun., July 14, 3 pm & Wed., July 17, 6 pm, downstairs Bibleland Wings.
See costume instructions below.
Costume Instructions.jpg