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Generate HS Camp

Generate Camp is through YM360 and will take place in South Padre Island, TX June 24-28.

Students from Journey Fellowship will travel, attend and lodge with one another (separate by gender) during this week-long event.

This year, our theme is “REDEFINED”. God is the great re-definer. At the heart of what it means to know, and experience God is the process of redefinition. God defines what it means to be new. God spoke a new creation into existence out of nothing, redefining our existence. Through the person and work of Christ, God made complete renewal possible for all who would come to faith in Him, redefining our reality. In the salvation offered by God, we discover a new identity, redefining who we are. And in discovering who God meant for us to always be, our purpose is redefined.

Registration ends: May 24, 2019

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