Year End Offering

Your Year End Offering gift will be devoted and allocated to meeting the harvest needs through the Crownridge campus. We're excited to contextualize the harvest vision for the coming year. Below are some of the goals and opportunities we've identified for Crownridge. Would you join us as we invest into the lives of those both inside and outside of our church? The harvest is here!  To give now click HERE.

Harvest for the Family
When God created Adam and Eve, he ordained the first family and showed us how he values relationship. Shortly after, brokenness entered the world, and entered the family. As the Church, we see the need for Christ’s redemptive healing in our lives and relationships. Having experienced a hope found only in relationship with God, we desire to point people toward that hope, as we equip them to live daily as followers of Christ. As we strengthen our families we create a healthy Body, and are equipped to share hope to our neighbors, co-workers, extended family and friends.

Our goal this year is to provide enhanced resources for biblical living that will help to strengthen and create healthy relationships. Your gifts will provide the resources to respond effectively to unforeseen equipping needs and support the Prepare/Enrich Couple Checkup, Dynamic Marriage and Marriage on the Rock classes, the Recharge Parent Conference and Parent Talks.

Harvest for the Community
In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus commands us to serve those around us in need: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner, and provide shelter for the stranger. God is a generous giver, and when we give, we reflect the nature of the one who created us. We desire to fight poverty by generously investing our talents and treasures into our community.

Our goal this year is to invest in local and global partners dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty and eradicating spiritual poverty by taking the Good News of Jesus to unreached people. Your gifts will support affordable housing, family mentoring, Bible translation and distribution, church planting and evangelism, and digital evangelism and young leader training.

Harvest for the Future
Oak Hills Church has a 60 year legacy of generosity. The facilities and ministry services that bless many today were built through the faithful giving of members throughout the past 60 years. Over the past few years, we have made room for thousands of people to experience the love of Christ. And now we are ready to become a debt free church again so that we can be unencumbered in our ministry. We desire to remove all financial obstacles that we might owe no man anything, but to love him, as we release the potential for Kingdom expansion. (Rom. 13:8).

Our goal this year is to reduce our debt for the purpose of investing in the next generation of believers to call Oak Hills Church their home. Your gifts will help pay down the debt as quickly as possible for the purpose investing in our children, students and young adults, launching new ministries, planting churches, and continuing the legacy of generosity for generations to come.

To give now, click HERE.