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All are meeting through online platforms (the building is closed).  Click on listing to contact the leader or register (if applicable).

What is an Equipping Class (Bible Study)? Equipping Classes usually consist of 15-150 people who gather for the primary purpose of learning from the Bible. Classes meet for a defined period of time, typically 4-12 weeks. Classes include times of teaching, group discussion, and often times self-directed learning (homework).

Questions: If you have questions or need assistance, contact Desiray Pool by EMAIL or call 210.698.4695. (Grupo en Espanol – llama 210.807.5218)

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Career Transition Workshop Looking for new or different employment opportunities. Learn proven tools and techniques to advance your job search. Gain insights about finding a new living – finding a new life. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Available to all interested people, even non-church attendees. No need to wait for Week 1. You can start at any point. Meeting via Zoom. 9/17/20 - 12/17/20 Thursday at 6:15 PM Register Online Co-Ed Career Transition
Financial Peace University Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course is available through the Dave Ramsey organization. Will begin Monday 9/21, ends 11/23. Click on "Registration Required" to be connected to the Dave Ramsey website Tuesday at 6:30 PM Register Online Co-Ed Financial Peace
Men's Class - 1 Corinthians Men's online class studying the book of 1 Corinthians // Fall study will be 9/30/20 - 12/16/20 Wednesday at 7:00 PM No Online Men-Only 1 Corinthians
Men's Class - Genesis Come back to the beginning, where our Creator God formed the universe and our world from nothing, where God's salvation plan was quickly put in place once mankind's sinful nature was exposed. God's grace and mercy expressed as we begin to follow a line from Eve's "seed" to Christ who'll crush the serpent's head once and for all. We will be using Bible Study Fellowship material. You can register at the link provided at no cost, click on link then select Oak Hill's Men's Group. Bible Study Fellowship material includes study guides and questions to be discussed. Meeting via Zoom 9/16/20 - 5/19/21 Wednesday at 7:00 PM Register Online Men-Only Genesis
Spanish/Español - Clase de Discipulado Para Mujeres Estudio del libro de Proverbios Thursday at 7:00 PM No Online Women-Only
Spanish/Español - Reunion de Discipulado Resolución para Hombres Thursday at 7:00 PM No Online Men-Only Resolución para Hombres
Spanish/Español - Servicio de Alabanza y Oración Servicio de Alabanza y Oración y Enseñaza Wednesday at 7:00 PM No Online Co-Ed
Women's Bible Class: Death and Resurrection of the Messiah Join Discovery & Discipleship and come, follow Jesus through the Scriptures to understand His lessons to the Disciples on the Kingdom of God, His power and authority and how to confront evil in our world. Trace the steps Jesus took as He entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, willingly gave His life for our sins on the cross and triumphantly rose from the dead, bringing salvation to all who would believe. Cultural and Historical Teaching by Ray Vander Laan. Videos filmed on location in Israel. Tuesday at 9:30 AM Register Online Women-Only Cultural and Historical Teaching by Ray Vander Laan
Women's Bible Class: Essence of God's Plan; Creation-Revelation Join our Young Women's Bible Class for college age to 35 as we answer God's invite for us to discover who He is and what His Plan is in His Word. Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3 The 10-week course is an overview of the Bible exploring Creation, Covenants and the Nation of Israel from the Old Testament. In the Scriptures of the New Testament, we will discover God’s Kingdom Plan, New Life in Christ, the Church Age and the Sovereignty of God. The study includes a lecture and large group discussion. Monday at 6:30 PM Register Online Women-Only Discover who God is and what His plan is in His word
Women's Bible Class: Inductive Study of Revelation Join our Living Hope class as we dig into the book of Revelation. The book Christians most want to study and the class teachers least want to teach. Written in apocalyptic language, Revelation is filled with warnings and promises intended to encourage the saints to persevere until Christ’s return to reign supreme. Our primary focus will be the letters to the seven churches in the first 3 chapters of Revelation. We will also reference Old and New Testament texts to help understand John’s message to the early church and how it can be applied to our lives today. Meeting Tuesdays or Wednesdays at various times Tuesday Register In Person & Online Women-Only Revelation - Letters to seven churches in first 3 chapters
Women's Bible Class: Philippians & Colossians Join the Plain Truth class as we learn together and study Scripture in a tried and true method, following IF Gathering’s Rooted in the Word, in the book of Philippians followed by the book of Colossians. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105. Scripture doesn’t say a light only for the Bible Study teachers, leaders or pastors. His word is a light to each and every one of us. We will explore Scripture, step by step, learning a system of studying ANY book of the Bible. Come join us for this rich adventure in the New Testament that just might change the way you view Bible Study! Tuesday Register In Person & Online Women-Only IF Gathering's Rooted in the Word
Women's Bible Class: Side by Side (CMDA) Join Side by Side (CMDA) as we explore the secrets to a happy marriage with Pastor and Author, Francis Chan and his wife Lisa, as they address the question that many couples wonder at the altar: “How do I have a great marriage?” Setting aside typical topics on marriage, dive into the Scriptures to understand what it means to have a relationship that satisfies the deepest parts of our souls. Side By Side (CMDA) is a Ministry of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, that provides encouragement and support to the wives of medical professionals through fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Tuesday at 9:30 AM Register Online Women-Only Secrets to a happy marriage with Pastor Francis Chan and wife Lisa
Women's Bible Class: The Gospel of Matthew Chapters 23-28 Women of the Word team of 15 spirit-filled teachers, led by Joy Pruett, will complete the Gospel of Matthew study verse by verse. Our class will discover how the Gospel of Matthew intentionally connects the Old Testament Prophesies to the story of Jesus while portraying him as the promised king of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Expect weekly study questions, a different teacher each week, the lesson presentation in the large class meeting, prayer and worship, small group discussion, service projects, an opportunity for a short term mission trip, and a shared passion for Bible Study and sharing life as followers of Jesus. Tuesday at 9:30 AM Register Online Women-Only Gospel of Matthew verse by verse
Women's Bible Class: When Godly People do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore Join New Beginnings class as we examine why devoted followers of Christ can fall into the traps of Satan. With the Book of 1 Samuel as a guide, understand how Scripture warns believers, prepares for the attacks of the Enemy, and compassionately directs those snared by seduction in way back to God. This Bible study of authentic repentance and restoration can arm Christians against temptation and learn how to help other fallen believers. Video teachings and homework by Beth Moore with the class discussion led by a team of teachers. Tuesday at 9:30 AM Register Online Women-Only Arm Christians against temptation and learn to help other fallen believers