VIRTUAL STM / Natal, Brazil Medical: Aug. 20, 2020

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What an exciting time to be visit Natal, Brazil Virtually! 

The below info is provided and left here so that you get an idea of the planning that a typical in person team does to plan for this long journey to Natal.  No funds, planning, packing is required!  Just pray prior to joining the virtual team on Aug. 20th!

Trip Focus: Medical, Dental, Children's & Adult Ministry

Who are our “partners” in Natal? We will be serving alongside members of OHC’s first international campus in Natal, Brazil, led by Bryan & Jannet Carruth, who have been serving in Brazil for nearly two decades. Their vision is of a growing community of believers living out the call to be Jesus in every neighborhood in their city, impacting the country of Brazil and beyond. We will work together to testify to God’s love and grace to the neighborhoods around the church. We will work alongside local dental & medical providers to bring much-needed care to impoverished communities around the church, as a demonstration of God’s love and provision. We will also partner in creative outreach to the children in the communities. Our teams are blessed to partner together in Christ as we learn from one another, serve together & develop strong bonds of ministry friendship. As we partner in community outreach efforts to expand God’s Kingdom, the impact is visible in various shanty towns & communities with the leadership & church family of Refugio de Graca. During our medical/dental/children & adult ministry outreach efforts, we are led by our native Christian leaders from Refugio de Graca to areas of outreach that they are active in sharing God’s love and grace with, each day. 

Trip Details:  

Trip Cost: $2,900. Land cost is $1,450; all inclusive of meals, lodging, in-country transportation, insurance, interpreters, bottled water, sightseeing, ministry supplies, etc. Airfare cost is $1,450; OHC MUST arrange all Airfare travel & costs. 

Place of Stay: Local hotel, a double or triple occupancy hotel with hot shower & bathroom accommodations in each room. A full breakfast buffet is served each day. This hotel is located in the heart of the city. 

Trip Orientation/Team Meetings: We will have several Team meetings prior to our trip. We will provide you with a Team Informational Packet at the 1st Team Meeting. All Team Meetings will focus on building team unity, learning about the culture of our designated country, discuss and plan for our in-country service (activities as they relate to children, adult, medical, dental, or other ministries). 

For more information on this trip, see attached file.

Crownridge Campus

(210) 807-5228

Natal, Brazil

Date / Time

Trip Date:  Aug. 20, 2020

Trip Cost: Virtually Nothing!

Registration closed on Thursday, August 20, 2020

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