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We are continuing our on-line Bibleland Express experience where we focus our heart on Following Jesus! This experience includes a time of teaching, praying and fun praise songs from Yancy, Jana Alayra, Rob Biagi and Go Fish. Children will hear how God’s plan to save people from sin came into focus as Jesus was born. When He grew up, He began His mission to bring people back to God. We pray these resources help provide a positive experience for you and your children as you encourage their heart through prayer, worship and learning from God’s word.

Prayer Request

How can we pray for you? Please let us know by sending your prayer requests to: SelmaR@oakhillschurch.com

The Gospel Project

This week’s lesson is found in Luke 4. We learn that Jesus was tempted, but He trusted God and never sinned. Jesus is perfect and righteous. A perfect sacrifice was required to take away sin. Jesus was that perfect sacrifice. He died on the cross to free us from sin and to give us the power to say no to temptation.



  • Jesus obeyed God’s plan.
  • Jesus always did what is right.


  • God sent Jesus because He loves us.
  • Jesus always obeyed God’s words.


  • Jesus was tempted and never sinned.
  • Jesus became human to obey His Father’s plan and rescue sinners.

Bibleland Express

Find past weekend videos and other original content for children on the OHC YouTube channel.

Parent Resources

RightNow Media - A streaming library of Bible study videos and digital resources for families, couples, children, and teens! Click HERE to register for your free account.
Cradle Roll Songs With Miss Kendra
Jana Alayra Music
Rob Biagi Music
Yancy Praise Songs for the Family
Go Fish Resources

Additional Resources

Peace Be Still: A Children's Guide to Living in Crazy Days
Children’s Worship Bulletins 
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