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For the foreseeable future, we will offer an on-line Family worship experience. To ensure our children continue their chronological journey through the Bible, we are providing this weekend’s lesson below. Additionally, we are providing a Bibleland Express experience where we’ll focus on Following Jesus! This experience will include a time of teaching, praying and fun praise songs from Yancy, Jana Alayra, Rob Biagi and Go Fish. We pray these resources help provide a positive experience for you and your children as you encourage their heart through prayer, worship and learning from God’s word.

Bibleland Express

Early Childhood

4 Years - 5th grade

The Gospel Project

As we continue to teach our children at home from God's Word, this weekend's lesson is about how The Walls Were Rebuilt. Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem to protect them from their enemies. Jesus came to protect us from our greatest enemies, sin and death. He died on the cross and rose from the dead to rescue everyone who trusts in Him. 

Gospel Project Lesson Link for Parents: Nehemiah: People Restored, Walls Rebuilt

Read Together: Nehemiah 3


Nothing can stop God’s good plan.
○ Jesus protects us from our enemies.
○ Nehemiah led the people to rebuild Jerusalem's walls. 

Early Childhood
Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything.
○ Nehemiah led God's people to rebuild the walls.
○ God kept His people safe as they worked.

Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything in heaven and on earth.
○ God used Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem's walls.
○ Jesus keeps us safe from sin when we trust in Him.

Parent Resources

RightNow Media - A streaming library of Bible study videos and digital resources for families, couples, children, and teens! Click HERE to register for your free account.
Cradle Roll Songs With Miss Kendra
Yancy Praise Songs for the Family
D6 Family 
D6 Family Easter Jam
Go Fish Resources

Additional Resources

Peace Be Still: A Children's Guide to Living in Crazy Days
Children’s Worship Bulletins 
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