Children’s Home

A Place Where God’s Word is Real and Exciting!

Through Bibleland Children’s Ministry at Westside Fellowship of Oak Hills Church, we pray children learn Jesus loves them, God’s Word is true, and church is a safe and happy place… “A place where God’s Word is real and exciting!”

Bibleland Ministry Goals

•  To teach truths from God’s Word in a creative and meaningful way

•  To provide an atmosphere of mission and fellowship, fostering a team-like spirit among Bibleland volunteers

•  To partner with parents through teaching, prayer, and fellowship

Whether in special events or in weekly classes, Bibleland Children’s Ministry is stirring young hearts to know God through the PLANTING of His Word.

To Protect, Love, Accept, Nurture, and Teach is our Mission!

We hope more children will join us!

We hope YOU will join us!

Pray that God will continue to bless us!

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