Walk of Faith

It’s likely that if you’ve experienced the power of baptism, a Christian brother or sister brought you to Christ or helped you grow in your faith after you emerged from the water. Wouldn’t you love an opportunity to honor that special person or those special people who have walked with you through your spiritual journey?

We’ve created a Walk of Faith, a path leading to the baptistery that represents the spiritual journey to frame the lower portion of the baptistery. The walk is paved with individual bricks featuring the names of people who have influenced members of OHC – people who invited, discipled, and prayed for you. Leave a lasting mark on the OHC Walk of Faith and purchase your brick by clicking the button below. Your $50 gift is a tax deductible donation. You can also make an additional tax deductible donation toward this exciting project that will serve for years to come as a gathering place for new believers to be baptized.

Dedicate a brick by clicking here. If you prefer to pay by cash or check we have envelopes available at Information Central and welcome you to pick one up.

Bricks for the Walk of Faith are available to honor the special people who have influenced your spiritual journey throughout the year and are installed approximately every six months.

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