Table Experience

Belong Together

Want to know how to implement the Table Experience in your home? Watch Online!

“Come to the Table – A Place Where You Belong!”

  • What?  Belong to each other by sharing a meal together.
  • Why?  It’s biblical and it builds trust and deepens relationships. Studies show sharing a meal may be the single greatest thing a family can do together. We encourage a family to create and nurture a strong sense of belonging within their family.
  • How?  The table is the key. There isn’t anything more normal, routine and everyday than eating a meal. There are many ways to do this but, we will focus on families sharing a meal together. We encourage families to also invite a single person, a friend of their children or a single parent and his/her children to join them at the table on a regular basis. This will begin to impact your home, neighborhood and community.

Engaging Your Family Around the Dinner Table

Getting Started – 4 Simple Steps
We hope this guide and simple steps will lead you to a wonderful experience of dinner around the table!  Download PDF

Family ’round the Table iPhone Application

GenOn Ministries has an iPhone application available called Family ’round the Table from the iTunes store. The application is intended to guide parents in the creation of a meal, craft or game, Bible study and worship activity that are thematically linked to support the spiritual development of young children.  The iPhone application is delivered as a searchable database and will allow parents to select a session that meets their specific needs (e.g., menu, activity, scripture reference, etc.) Click here for the link to the iPhone app. For more information about the GenOn Ministry go to

Meals for You

Meals for You offers thousands of delicious recipes that adjust for the number of servings needed to feed anywhere from 1 to 300 people.  Meal plans, nutritional information, shopping lists, personal online cookbook, and tips and guidelines are included.  The website is free, fast and easy to use.  Go to

Free Training DVD or Watch Online

The training DVD, “Come to the Table,” demonstrates the simple steps for engaging your family around the table experience and is available for pick-up at each Oak Hills Church campus. The DVD provides training in both English and Spanish. You can also view online: How to do the Table Experience

Take Baby Steps

“If I could leave you with one thing to think about – this may be a huge shift in the lifestyle of your family – I don’t want that to keep you from trying the table, so I would say just take baby steps. Begin with one night a week where you decide as a family that you are going to have dinner together and take the four simple things and put them in place. As you do that over several weeks, look back on that experience and see if that hasn’t become the night you and your family look forward to over all the other nights of the week.”
– Rozanne Frazee, from Come to the Table training DVD

Table Themes

We gave our church family an opportunity to be creative as shown in the photos. From paper plates to candles to LEGOs and other creative ideas, you can do the same thing to help the table be creative and interesting. Send your ideas or photos of your table setting to

Conversation Around the Table

Prepare simple questions to engage the family around the table.  You can start by having the head of the house ask a simple question that the whole family participates in at the table.

  • What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  • If you could ask God one question, what would that be?
  • What did you do that was Christ-like today?
  • If someone gave you $100, how would you spend it?
  • If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?


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