Backyard Baptism

Rick and Debbie Lopez have been leading a neighborhood group in La Vernia for a little over a year. Although Debbie was baptized as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church, she had been feeling God prompting her heart to be baptized by immersion now that she has begun to grow in her relationship with God as adult.  One of the recent group members, DJ, offered to use his backyard pool for the baptism after his teenage daughter Skyler requested to be baptized also, and the group set a date for the celebration.

On the day of the baptism, Debbie was overcome with the reality of God’s love for her. She describes the feeling: “I never knew what I was missing, until I stepped in to be baptized. I just feel so new!” As a prominent public servant in local law enforcement, DJ had previously been somewhat reserved about his faith; as he thought about the powerful event about to happen to both Debbie and his daughter, however, DJ came and asked Rick if he too could be baptized. After a profession of faith, and in front of his immediate family and the community members gathered around – he was baptized in his own backyard.

Since Rick and Debbie stepped out to use their strengths to be Jesus in their neighborhood, they have seen children and adults come to faith in Christ for the first time. Through continuing to follow God’s calling on her life in believer’s baptism, Debbie’s testimony of faith inspired a bold decision for Christ in a neighbor.


Summer Backyard Bible Club – Albrecht 

The Coopers chose to send their little boy Carson to the local Summer Backyard Bible Club in the Meadow Springs/Kendall Wood Estates Area. The Albrecht’s were concerned that they would not have enough workers or kids to support a Club effort. Some of the couples living in the area have also been slow to respond to the call to become involved in the BGS Movement. The Albrecht’s were pleasantly surprised and blessed when 4 – 5 couples all rallied to support the effort in the last couple days and a total of 14 children attended the Club (10 of which did not attend Oak Hills)

After the Club began, the Albrecht’s met the Cooper’s and found out the little boy was facing a serious surgery the next week. The entire Team and the children rallied around little Carson and began to pray for him on a consistent basis. The prayer experience and the need for all to lift Carson up epitomized what they children were learning about in the Club Stories on Service, Love, Compassion and Care and how Jesus exemplified this for us so we could share it with others. Carson served as a living example of where this love goes and how we can serve each other with prayer, encouragement and compassion.

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