This Sacred Home

Google the phrase “most sacred spots on earth” and you’ll be taken on a world tour. Curiously, there is one place that doesn’t make the list of the travel page, but it certainly makes the list in God’s book: your home. The residence where you sleep, eat and do laundry. That spot on earth where you unwind at the end of a day, where family and friends visit, where there is laughter and sometimes tears. Yes, your home. It is holy. It is sacred. It is set apart for a special work.

Do you find this hard to believe? You think of your home – with the messy laundry and dirty dishes and busy schedule – as anything but sacred. But it is. Maybe you just need a reminder.

Throughout This Sacred Home we will discover how God can truly make a home a holy place.


We have a message coming up in our This Sacred Home series that is rated “PG.” The message is called The Sacredness of Sex, and looks at God’s intention and plan for sex in marriage. We understand that for your children, you may not want the first voice they hear on this topic to be anyone’s but you. We get it. We want you to make that choice. We invite you to review and determine in advance your plans for July 22/23 weekend.
Click HERE to review the message.

June 10-11 This House, God’s Sacred Home

Sermon Notes

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