This Sacred Home

Google the phrase “most sacred spots on earth” and you’ll be taken on a world tour. Curiously, there is one place that doesn’t make the list of the travel page, but it certainly makes the list in God’s book: your home. The residence where you sleep, eat and do laundry. That spot on earth where you unwind at the end of a day, where family and friends visit, where there is laughter and sometimes tears. Yes, your home. It is holy. It is sacred. It is set apart for a special work.

Do you find this hard to believe? You think of your home – with the messy laundry and dirty dishes and busy schedule – as anything but sacred. But it is. Maybe you just need a reminder.

Throughout This Sacred Home we will discover how God can truly make a home a holy place.

June 10-11 This House, God’s Sacred Home

Sermon Notes

June 17-18 Father’s Day  Sermon Notes
June 24-25 Our Children, God’s Gift  Sermon Notes
July 1-2 Parenting, Our Privilege  Sermon Notes
July 8-9 My Singleness, God’s Call  Sermon Notes
July 15-16 Our Words, God’s Words  Sermon Notes
July 22-23 Our Hearts, God’s Tenderness  Sermon Notes
July 29-30 Our Money, God’s Business  Sermon Notes
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