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The Story Group Training: Preparing for the New Testament

In September of 2016, we started an incredible Bible and Prayer engagement called The Story. The Story is a chronological study through the Bible. As we continue through the Old Testament we want to gather group leaders and prepare together for the start of the New Testament.

The New Testament segment of study provides great opportunity!
* Invite new people to join your group
* Start a group (if you haven’t already)
* Start back up (if you stopped)
* Dive deeper in the upper and lower story

Join us for a Story Group Training Session as we look at how to prepare for the New Testament. Don’t forget, if you haven’t ordered your Study Guide you can purchase it here!

Register for Group Training (Please select one to attend):
Alamo Ranch | Sunday, January 29, 2 pm | REGISTER
Crownridge | Sunday, January 29, 2 pm | REGISTER  *Childcare available
Fredericksburg | Sunday, January 29, 2 pm | REGISTER
Journey Fellowship | Sunday, January 29, 5 pm | REGISTER  *Childcare available
North Central | Sunday, January 29, 2 pm | REGISTER
Westside | Sunday, January 29, 2 pm | REGISTER

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