The early church understood the significance of serving one another. They devoted themselves to meeting the needs of those in their community.

Out of the overflow of their devotion, they served the needs of those around them. There was first a priority to serve each other, but they also met the needs of their neighbors around them. It was said of them that no one in that community had a need that wasn’t met.

To view a list of Service Opportunities choose an option that is either city-wide or campus-specific, under the ‘Serve’ tab.

We desire to take the presence of Jesus to the neighborhoods of San Antonio and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit by serving those in need in four areas:


We believe that a family that serves together creates the best possible environment
for modeling how to live like Christ for their children. We encourage families to serve each other. Every believer is part of the Body of Christ and is the full expression of Jesus Christ to those in need.


Love & Care for our Neighbors – We encourage every believer to simply love your neighbor as yourself. We envision neighborhood groups serving their neighbors in community. We hope to see neighbors who show they care like Christ cared and are willing to give to anyone as they have a need.

Area Community

We encourage members to participate in faith-based service opportunities that will meet a need in the community within which they live. These serve opportunities will be provided once per quarter.

Members may also serve by leading or assisting in an area Pastoral Care and Growth event, Compassion initiative, Global outreach partnership, neighborhood group and/or family support ministry. There are many places to serve depending how where God is stirring you.


There are many serving opportunities at the Campus from working with children or students to assisting with communion, greeting, or helping visitors as they arrive. Members are encouraged to find a place of service where their gifts and abilities meet a need within the body.

Please refer to the list of Campus Needs found under the ‘Serve’ tab.

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