The early church recognized the importance of growing in their understanding of Jesus. They devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching and prayer. (Romans 12; Ephesians 4:20-24)

Each individual in the community was fully committed to becoming a disciple of Christ. They studied the scriptures and conversed with God so they could increasingly become more like Christ. It wasn’t “knowledge for the sake of knowledge.” The intended outcome was personal transformation.

We desire to take the presence of Jesus to the neighborhoods of San Antonio and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit by growing together toward Christ-likeness in these four areas:


Everyone benefits from studying God’s Word and Praying. As the primary influencer in the home we encourage parents to help their children grow in their faith. We believe that biblical and spiritual development is most effective when it comes from the parents (see the Orange Family Study). Parents with children birth-5th grade will be encouraged and equipped to come alongside their children as they learn Bible Truths in Bibleland. Parents with 6th-12th graders will be encouraged to engage in the integrated studies offered at the Campus.


We encourage everyone to consider becoming involved in a neighborhood Bible study. We envision Neighbors gathering together in the neighborhood growing closer to each other and to Christ as they study the Bible together.

Area Community

As the Area Communities are established, Special care and growth opportunities we be provided through the leadership of the Pastoral Care and Growth Ministries of the Area Community. Their primary focus will be on strengthening marriages, parenting skills, handling finances, communication skills, and building healthy relationships.

Special care communities called HOPE groups, will be developed to offer a place of hope, acceptance and safety for those seeking to overcome life-obstacles and heal wounded hearts. Through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, healing and strength will lead to experiencing the abundant life of Christ and becoming more like Him.


We encourage everyone to attend to a weekly gathering in order to grow in the faith. The worship service will focus  on celebrating God’s work in our lives and strengthening our understanding of what it means to be like Christ. The series will likely be books of the Bible or topics that directly go to equip and train the Body to live out the Great Commission.

The primary teaching focus for children is to anchor them in the stories of the Bible. The Orange curriculum will be used across all campuses as the means by which we will walk children through the Bible chronologically in a fun, dynamic and effective way. We will be known for anchoring children in the Bible in a caring environment. We will design the process to include parents in a way that is reasonable and accessible to them.

Students will take part in mid-week gatherings for discipleship & mentoring in area
homes or at the campus.

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