The early church understood and practiced the commission of Jesus. They devoted themselves to belonging (fellowship, the breaking of bread-Acts 2:24-47).

They established their horizontal community in neighborhoods, doing life together.
Their central gathering took place around a table to share a meal. Proximity allowed
their fellowship to be frequent, inter-generational and spontaneous. When they broke
bread at the table they remembered Christ’s death through the bread received at the
beginning of the meal and the cup taken at the end of the meal. This gathering in Jesus’
name brought Christ’s presence into the community. Their community was not only
horizontal but vertical. They were deeply connected to God and had a place to belong in their community.

We desire to take the presence of Jesus to the neighborhoods of San Antonio and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit by belonging to God and each other in four areas:


We encourage a family to create and nurture a strong sense of belonging within their family. There are many ways to do this but we will focus on families sharing a meal together daily. Studies show that this may be the single greatest thing a family can do together. We encourage families to invite a single person, a friend of their children or a single parent and his/her children to join them at the table on a regularly.


We encourage families to become involved in monthly neighborhood gatheringwhere you live. When followers of Christ unite in community within the neighborhood we find a deep sense of belonging with those who are on the same journey. Neighbors gather to intentionally build relationships and to strengthen their faith so that every single person in their neighborhood has the opportunity to respond to the love & grace of God.

Area Community

We encourage everyone to belong to the Area Community in which they live. Area Communities are designated and connected to a school in your community (high school, middle school or elementary school). The quarterly Area Community gathering is an intentional collection of Oak Hills Church Members who come together in the community to care for one another.


We encourage everyone to belong to a weekly gathering as we come together for a time of celebration and worship. Oak Hills is one church with five locations.  The celebration includes transformational biblical teaching and equipping, Holy Spirit led worship, and Christ-centered fellowship. Our desire is to see you sitting with your family and neighbors as an Area Community as you gather weekly to celebrate our God.

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