CREW2Let’s face it- there’s a lot of junk we carry on a daily basis. We can feel alone, unloved, discouraged, hopeless, and in despair over the fact that we can’t control much of the world around us. But here’s the good news: change is possible. We believe change begins when each of us choose to turn away from the destructive forces of selfishness, immorality, alcohol and drugs, prejudice, hypocrisy, and countless other things that steal our joy. But more than that, it’s turning our hearts toward God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and allowing God’s Word to guide us in each step of the unique journey He has for each of us.

Wednesdays – CREW

MS/HS students (6th-12th) / JF Coffeehouse / Wednesdays: 6-9pm

Do you want Jesus to rock your world? Do you have a desire to align your life with the teachings of Jesus? If so, CREW Wednesdays is the place for you!

Doors open at 6pm with concession food and games, followed by worship & teaching from 7-8pm, and ending at 9pm after focused small group discussion time. The music will be loud. The people insane. The experience unforgettable!

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