Journey Fellowship New Service Times & Full Hour Bibleland

We have two exciting announcements we feel will both help disciple our children better and free up seats at prime times for our neighbors who are seeking Christ.

We have amazing volunteers in Bibleland, and we would like to give them the most time possible to teach our Kids about following Jesus.  Therefore we will be moving to a full hour Bibleland experience. For some of you this will allow you to engage in the worship experience knowing your kids are having a similar experience geared towards their age.  Our move to full hour Bibleland will also free up seats in our worship center for our neighbors who are seeking Christ.  In addition we will be moving to two services. The new service times will be 9:30 & 11. This change will be the Sunday following Easter. 

For those of you who may be concerned that a move to full hour Bibleland will prevent your family from taking communion together you have a few options. We will continue to encourage families who want to worship together to do so. We are going to change the service order to 2 songs, Communion, 2 songs, then the Message. But there will no longer be a formal dismissal to Bibleland during our services.

We want you to decide what’s best for your family. Your kids can begin in Bibleland, you may escort them to Bibleland after communion is finished, or your kids can stay in the worship center for the full service experience.

We have been very prayerful about this decision and feel it’s best for the season we find ourselves in.  If you have any question or concerns please speak to me, another staff, or any of our Elders.  God bless you as we continue to reach our area for Jesus.

**NEW SERVICE TIMES 9:30 & 11 to begin on April 23rd 2017**



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