Children’s Ministry


Welcome to Bibleland !

Our Purpose

Bibleland is what we call Children’s Ministry at Oak Hills Church. Our purpose is for children to learn how much Jesus loves them, that God’s Word is true, and church is a safe and joyful place.

Our Goals

  • To teach truths from God’s Word in a creative and meaningful way.
  • To provide an atmosphere of mission and fellowship, fostering a team-like spirit among Bibleland volunteers
  • To partner with parents through teaching, prayer, and fellowship.

What can I expect on a typical Sunday Morning?

Guests, please visit our Bibleland checkin desk, located directly inside our Main Entrance, for guidance on how to register your children for Bibleland.

We invite parents of children 3-months-old through 3 years, to check their children in at a kiosk and take them directly to their classroom.

We invite children 4-years-old through 5th Grade to join their parents in the Worship Center in order to take part in worship, communion and prayer. After communion, the children are dismissed to go to their Bibleland classes.

If parents prefer to have their children with them throughout the entire worship service, we welcome that too!

For more information about Bibleland at OHC Fredericksburg, please contact Annette Pruitt Children’s Ministry Director


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