Family Milestones

As a church, we are committed to our children and families. From birth to graduation, we seek to come alongside parents to encourage and equip them in taking the lead as spiritual trainers for their children. Milestones are treasured moments where significant teachings and values are shared and passed on to our children as part of our legacy. At Oak Hills Church, they are spiritual stepping stones and life affirming events that we value for your family.

Baby Blessing

The purpose of the Baby Blessing Milestone is to encourage and equip parents, and bless our newest babies. A Parent Training Class and Baby Blessing Ceremony are offered to parents of newborns through age two.

The parent training session is designed to provide tools that empower parents as the primary faith trainers of their children. Moms and dads listen to experienced parents give wise counsel in the primacy of prayer, and in raising and spiritually training children.

The Baby Blessing Ceremony is presented in the worship service the weekend after parents complete the training class. During the ceremony, parents respond with verbal affirmations to commitments, followed by a time of prayer and blessing over their babies. Afterward, family and friends are invited to a reception to honor the parents and their babies.

Baby Blessings occur twice a year, in January and June.

Pathway to Kinder

Pathway to Kinder is an evening milestone event for parents and their preschool-age children who are entering Kindergarten. Parents participate in a workshop to learn first-hand from an Elementary Administrator what they can expect once their children begin Kindergarten. An Elder couple also addresses the parent group to encourage and inspire parents to pray with their children, value the Bible as their guide for living, build trusting relationships with their children, and foster the value of family worship.

While parents attend the parenting workshop, children experience a Kinder classroom setting with selected learning centers led by a certified Kindergarten teacher, make new friends, and enjoy a fun child-friendly banquet celebration. The evening concludes with a charge to the parents from Deuteronomy 6 and a blessing from our Elders.

Pathway to Kinder occurs once a year, in June.

Agape Trail

Agape Trail is designed to bring our fifth graders into a greater understanding of who they are in Christ. Agape Trail also supports our fifth graders and their families in the transition from Bibleland to Student Ministries.

Through monthly Bible lessons (September-April), students are reminded of the love that comes from Jesus, their parents, and their church. They also learn important virtues and Bible truths. In addition, we offer a monthly class led by OHC leaders to help encourage and equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their children. Agape Trail culminates with a three-day retreat in April that reinforces these teachings and brings students closer together knowing they have the love and support of family and friends.

Our prayer is that through these teachings their faith and beliefs will be increased so they can withstand the upcoming social pressures of middle school.

Agape Trail classes are offered monthly from September to April. The Agape Trail retreat occurs once a year, in April.


Challen8e is a two-part milestone for eighth grade students and their parents. Part one is an experiential seminar with guest speakers that includes dinner. Part two is a one-night retreat for both parents and students that culminates with a time of blessing. Challen8e gives parents structure to guide their children through three topics:

TRUTH: Equip students with the knowledge that their relationship with Christ, and the Truth, will be their guide through life.

FAMILY IDENTITY: Encourage families to grow together as their children grow to be independent young adults.

PURITY: Empower a commitment to purity in all of life through the power of Christ.

Challen8e Seminar is offered each fall. The retreat occurs once a year, in May.

Senior Celebration

Senior Celebration is the final milestone in a succession of five significant life transitions and spiritual legacy moments for our families. The goal of this milestone is to equip students with practical life skills and honor all Oak Hills Church graduating seniors as they transition into adulthood with God’s blessings for the future.

In early spring, all high school seniors are encouraged to experience College Ready with their parents. College Ready is a high-impact study to help students see their college experience through clear and practical eyes. This engaging study helps both the student and their parents understand and employ the same biblical principles and priorities as they prepare for the college years with confidence and insight.

Student Ministries host Senior Celebration each May with a formal send-off dedicated to honoring our graduates and their families. Graduating seniors and their parents invite family and friends along with the Elders and church staff to a celebration banquet and blessing. Gift Bibles, provided to parents to acquire blessings and words of encouragement, are presented to the graduates. A noted speaker offers a message with a final challenge to seniors and their parents. Parents, extended family members, and friends are given time to bless and pray with their graduating seniors.

Senior Celebration banquet occurs once a year, in May.

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