Tom and Marian Cates

Tom & Marian Cates

My story could be told many ways, but a theme that seems to describe my life is how God’s will has gone around in circles to move me to different circumstances which renewed old connections. In doing so, He has provided me with blessings which have enabled me to support His will for those around me in some small way.

I was blessed to come to knowledge of God’s grace through the salvation of Jesus when I was young, largely through the guidance of two parents who were witnesses through worship and church service, and in everyday life. My heritage was Baptist, and though I stayed engaged in service, I rarely considered that I would be led to a different faith group.

Later, after I met and grew to love Marian, I was introduced to a traditional Church of Christ perspective through her faith and her parent’s devotion. I learned that God’s leadership was still working to give us opportunities for service as we joined a group of believers who seemed different at first, but were still led by God’s grace. We were blessed that all our parents formed a strong personal and spiritual bond with each other while they were still with us.

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