Larry & Maureen Arnold

Larry & Maureen Arnold

I am blessed to have been married to Maureen for over 30 years. Our two oldest sons, Jed and Nathan, have wonderful families and are married to wonderful Christian young ladies. Our daughter Elizabeth is attending Wayland Baptist in San Antonio, and our youngest son Elijah is at Smithson Valley High School. I have worked in technology sales for over 20 years. We live in Bulverde, near Maureen’s parents, Jim and Betty Potts, who I love and appreciate deeply.

During our 15 years as members of Oak Hills, I have taught the Family Discipleship Class and many other adult classes. We have been with North Central since it started. After moving to San Antonio in 1980, I served as the preacher for Shenandoah Church of Christ. I resigned this position in 1984 and left the paid ministry because I no longer believed in those doctrines that made the Church of Christ a distinct denomination. Before coming to San Antonio, I spent 2 years beginning a new church in the inner city of Pittsburgh, after graduating from a Bible College that specialized in church planting. We spent over 20 years homeschooling and Maureen and I have spoken at home school events, served on the FEAST Board for 7 years, and ran a home school sports program for about 500 student athletes. I come from a strong Christian family and became a follow of Jesus when I was 12. At 15, I began regularly preaching in country churches. I went through some really difficult times in Pittsburgh, but God was faithful in keeping His promises. Living in San Antonio has been full of blessing and on occasion a time of trials. There are still challenges ahead, but the Lord has seen us through and will continue to do so. We are so very blessed and privileged to be able to serve the Lord and minister.

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