Jay & Janis Rogers

Jay & Janis Rogers

I grew up in a rural area of Southwestern Arkansas. My Family was poor and we did not have very many material possessions- in fact we did not even own an automobile. During those early years, I attended a small Baptist country church. I was raised to worship and honor God even though we did not have much in a material way.

In 1948, we moved to San Antonio because of my father’s declining health and better job opportunities. This is where I spent my reckless teenage years. Like the contemporary Christian song says, “I grew up in Sunday school, memorized the golden rule”, but even though I believed in God, I really did not have a relationship with him until later in life. I met my wife, Janis Day, in San Antonio and we were married in December of 1959. The Lord has richly blessed our lives over the last 49+ years with two beautiful daughters and seven lovely grandchildren.

I served as a Deacon at MacArthur Park Church for over 35 years and retired from a banking career in 1998 after 40 years of service. We placed membership at OHC in 2002. Since we have been at OHC, our love for the Lord has grown and I personally feel that my relationship with God has grown. We love to worship our Mighty King and Savior in song and praise in the South Room and to intercede in prayer for those in need.

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