Gerry & Sandy Crites

Gerry & Sandy Crites

I am grateful to the Lord for His many blessings. A beautiful Christian wife, two great sons who love the Lord, a wonderful daughter in-law who walks with the Lord, and a lovely granddaughter. I was nearing the end of a very successful 31 year career in the United States Air Force and realized I was on top of the world. The only thing missing in this Christian family was me.

In early January of 1996, I knew it was time for me to make some important changes. I decided to go to the church my wife had recently started attending. That morning, as I walked out with Sandy, I knew something was special about the Oak Hills Church. I continued to go with Sandy for many weeks and I began looking forward to every week because I was learning much about God’s grace. In August of 1996, during a Sunday service, I felt the Lord pulling me down the aisle during the prayer time and on that day I rededicated my life to the Lord.

Things have not been the same since that Sunday morning. The Bible, which I had read several times in the past, seemed to come to life like never before. Things I had taken for granted became cherished and things I used to cling to became far less important. I began attending bible classes and became involved by serving communion and serving as an usher. Additionally, new people were coming into my life and these new brothers and sisters were becoming more like family with every passing week. In time I found myself involved with men’s ministry, a small group, and even facilitating a bible study.

The Lord has blessed our family over the years despite my lack of interest in the early years of our marriage. Sandy and I now have two wonderful daughters in-law (daughters to us) and three treasured grandchildren. Additionally, the number of those that Sandy and I consider as a part of our immediate family has increased to numbers way beyond our imagination. I am no longer missing in action.  I am now excited by each new bend in the road knowing that Jesus is leading the way.

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