Duane & Nancy Whitfield

Duane & Nancy Whitfield

I was born into a strong Christian family. My father was an elder in the church we attended and we were blessed to be surrounded by many strong believers. While growing up in the church I experienced many sermons that were intolerant of other faiths.  It was common practice to point fingers at those who did not hold the same high standards as our church rather than teaching about the saving life of Christ.  I remember always bring worried about “IF” I was going to make it into heaven.  Looking back on those early years, I can see how a spirit of grace, love and forgiveness are also essential to a believers walk with Christ.

When I was eleven, I was baptized after hearing a fire and brimstone sermon at a summer camp. I continued to live a “works” filled life until I was thirty-one trying to be good enough. By God’s grace, I was exposed to what the saving live of Christ really looked like through a group of strong Christian friends. I realized the life I was living was wrong and that I needed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. While on a business trip to Seoul Korea, I finally got tired of living a life based on my own works and asked the Lord to forgive me of my sin and to give me the spirit of grace, love and joy I saw in my Christian friends. The Lord answered my prayer that very night and my life was changed forever.  I now know that receiving and sharing the grace of Christ is one of the most important things I can do as a Christ follower to bring hope to a hurting world.

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