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Travis Eades | Campus Minister

Marlane Hildebrandt | Ministry Assistant | 210.698.4605

Mary Griffin | Ministry Assistant to Care & Growth Ministries

Denise Gardner | Host Ministry Director

Adolfo Aviles | Caribbean Community Minister

Pat Hile | Spanish Community Minister

Adrian Olivares | Ministry Assistant to Spanish Ministry

Julie Corbett | Women’s Ministry Director

Debbie Campbell | Ministry Assistant to Women’s Ministry


Charlie Parvin | Community Minister | Brandeis

Don Makalous | Community Minister | Boerne Champion, Boerne High, Comfort and Fredericksburg

Jorge San Pedro | Community Minister | Warren, Taft, Medina Valley, Stevens, Brennan and O’Connor

Dean Mathis | Community Minister | Alamo Heights, Churchill, MacArthur, Johnson, Smithson Valley, Canyon Lake and Fort Sam Houston

Rudy Tamez | Community Minister | Marshall, Holmes, Brackenridge, Burbank, East Central, Edison, Fox Tech, Harlandale ISD, Highlands, Jefferson, John Jay-Lackland, Kennedy, Lanier, Lee, Memorial, Sam Houston, and South San Antonio ISD

Taylor Rogers | Community Minister | Canyon High, Clemens, Judson, Madison, New Braunfels, Roosevelt and Steele

Children’s Ministry

Selma F. Rivas | Children’s Minister

Marquis Clarke | Children’s Ministry Assistant | 210.698.4686

Debbie Swisher | Children’s Ministry Assistant | 210.698.4676

Gina Williams | Nursery Director

Sarah Kennington | Early Childhood Director

Nancy Moran | Elementary Director

Karla E. Hile | Resource Room Director

Valerie Taylor | Bibleland Buddies Director

Sheila Momone | Ministry Assistant to Bibleland Buddies

Preschool Ministry

Kendra Kunkel | Preschool Director

Donna Hines | Preschool Ministry Assistant

Student Ministry

Blake Butry | Student Minister

Alethea Tamez  | Student Ministry Director

Michelle Craddock | Student Ministry Director

Samuel_Bernal  | Student Ministry Director

Kadidja_Gibbs | Student Ministry Assistant


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Randy Frazee | Senior Minister

Nancy Zack | Executive Assistant to Randy Frazee | 210.698.4651

Max Lucado| Minister of Preaching

Karen Hill| Executive Assistant/Executive Editor to Max Lucado | 210.698.4670


Mark Tidwell | Executive Minister

Beverly Purdy  | Ministry Assistant | 210.698.4640

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