Welcome to our Parent’s Page! We’re delighted to have your children in our Bibleland Children’s Ministry program and we consider it a great privilege to partner with you to be a part of their spiritual formation.

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Photographing and Videotaping

Please be aware that your child(ren) may be photographed or videotaped during normal activities for later use by Oak Hills Church.

Parent Volunteers

Due to large numbers of children age 3 months through 3 years old that are cared for and taught in our Bibleland classes, parents of children 3 – 24 months are asked to serve on a monthly basis and parents of 2s and 3s are asked to serve one month out of the year. A rotation schedule is mailed to parents. In the event you are not available to help during your scheduled time, please call (210) 698-4683 and leave a message.

Family Milestones

As a church, we are committed to our children and families. From birth to graduation, we seek to come alongside parents to encourage and equip them in taking the lead as spiritual trainers for their children. Milestones are treasured moments where significant teachings and values are shared and passed on to our children as part of our legacy. At Oak Hills Church, they are spiritual stepping stones and life affirming events that we value for your family. The first three OHC Milestones take place in Bibleland:
Milestone One – Baby Blessing
Milestone Two – Pathway to Kinder
Milestone Three – Agape Trail

Find out about each here.

Emergency Building Evacuation

Oak Hills Church has an established evacuation process should it be necessary to quickly move members and attendees from the Crownridge facility for reasons of safety or protection such as for a fire or a physical threat…continue reading.
Evacuation Assembly Points Map

Bible Class Check-In Process

All children age 3 months through 5th grade use the electronic security system for check-in to Bibleland classes. Parents will check-in their children at one of the Kiosk systems and ensure they get to class.

Steps to Check-in:

1. Enter your phone number (any family member’s phone number will work) 2. Select the check box in the upper-left hand corner of each child’s name that is being checked-in. 3. Click the “check-in” button on the bottom right corner.

Visitors are invited to come into our wings and be checked-in at the greeter desk.  Children wait in class until parents pick them up and match the parent/child label with their classroom teachers.  Parents need to pick up their children no later than 10 minutes after the end of class.

15-Minute Guideline

For better QUALITY and SECURITY, we have established a 15-minute guideline. Children may be brought to class starting 15 minutes prior to the worship start time…and continues until 15 minutes into the actual class period.

Student/Teacher Ratios

Please be aware that in order for us to comply with safety regulations and student/teacher ratios, our classes will close if we do not have enough adult volunteers.  We ask for your understanding as this is in the best interest of your child.

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