We Are Called – Sermon Series

In March, we launched the We Are Called vision campaign. Join us as Randy and Max dive deeper into the campaign with the We Are Called sermon series. Learn about our calling as the Body of Christ, our vision as a church,…
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Volunteers Needed! – Summer Backyard Bible Club

Summer Backyard Bible Club is an Oak Hills Church opportunity to Belong, Grow and Serve (YES, all three!) in every neighborhood in our city and beyond. Serve your neighbors! Build relationships and belong in community with your team and neighbors! Encourage children to…
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Anxious For Nothing

Anxiety comes with life. It steals our sleep, our energy, our well-being. But anxiety doesn’t have to take your life. Anxious thoughts can be mastered. Max’s 12-part series, “Anxious for Nothing,” takes us through a biblical approach to gaining control…
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Pathway to Kinder

Friday, May 15, at 6 pm, in the A1 Gathering space Pathway to Kinder is an OHC Milestone Celebration for parents of children who are entering Kindergarten in August. Registration opens April 15. Contact Sarah Kennington for more info. 210.698.4679

Volunteer at OHC ~ We Need You!

Volunteering is a way to belong to the community of believers while ministering to those in need.  It is also a way to connect to God, by growing in Christ-likeness and developing the servant’s heart of Christ Jesus. Children’s Ministry…
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Discover OHC Membership Class

Join us to learn about the beliefs, vision, and history of Oak Hills Church. We are eager to share our mission to be the presence of Christ in every neighborhood in our city and beyond.  We can’t wait to help…
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Career Transition Workshop

For over 11 yrs. OHC has sponsored a FREE, on-going, 12 week seminar that prepares you for a new job or career. Networking in the interactive environment provides an opportunity to meet some great people and learn, grow and be…
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