Professional Christian counseling services are available by appointment for adults, children, individuals, and couples.  Our licensed counselors work from a biblically-based, solution-focused, clinically-competent process, guided by the Holy Spirit and informed by scripture, to bring about healing, spiritual formation and Christ-centered living.

Session fees are structured to be affordable and are based on family, yearly income.  The cost ranges from $40 to $80, payable in cash or check.

Our offices are located at the Crownridge campus across the street from the church.  Take Summer Oaks and make another right turn into the parking lot after the Shell gas station.  The Pastoral Care Center is the one-story office building on the right.

For more information and scheduling, contact the Oak Hills Church Counseling Center at 210.698.4620.

Counselors | Appointment Schedules

Demetrius Donseroux, Ph.D., MAMFC, LPC
Tue/Wed.      5p – 6p
Glenn Goree, M.A., M.ED., LPC, CCMHC
Thu.                2p – 6p
Jamie Mershon, M.A., LPC
Thur.               3p – 6p
Kirsten Northrup, M.MFT, LPC, LCDC, LMFT Associate
Tue.                9a – 1p
Lauren Armstrong, MAMFC, LPC, TBRI Practitioner
Tue.                4p – 5p
Wed.               9a – 12p
Summer Daigle, M.A.,LPC Intern
Supervised by Celeste Inman, M.ED., LPC-S, RPT-S
(Adults and  Children)
Mon.              3p – 7p
Tues.              9a – 5p
Wed.             12p – 7p
Thu.              10a – 5p


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