BELONG-GROW-SERVE: Who we are and what we do
Around Oak Hills, you will hear the words Belong, Grow, and Serve a lot. That’s because they are vital ways of finding your place in the Body of Christ and expressing our mission to “be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond.” We believe that Belonging, Growing and Serving are both who we are and what we do.

WHO WE ARE: We each have a strength
This is surprising to some people, but God created each of us with a strength! Our strength is the primary way we express our part, and help others express their part, in the Body of Christ. We see our strengths being expressed in three primary ways: Belong, Grow, and Serve

Take a minute and think about these three strengths. Which one are you?

  • A BELONG Person: You naturally lean toward connecting people in your neighborhood, and on your campus. You love a great neighborhood barbecue, or welcoming people when they arrive on the campus.
  • A GROW Person: You enjoy helping others grow deeper in their faith, and relationship with Christ. You are energized through Bible study, hearing the weekend sermon, or discussing spiritual growth.
  • A SERVE Person: You are passionate about mobilizing people to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You like helping your neighbor mow their lawn, delivering a meal to someone in need, or helping out with a project on campus.

WHAT WE DO: Use our strength
It’s exciting to know that God has given each of us a strength and even more exciting to know that we can use it. Did you determine if you are a Belong, Grow, or Serve person? Once you discover your strength, you can use it in two places.

  • Your Neighborhood: Use your strength in your neighborhood by blessing your neighbors using BLESS My5 and joining a Neighborhood Team near you. Oak Hills Church has the vision to bring the presence of Christ into each of the 2,000 neighborhoods in San Antonio and the Hill Country, and we want you to be a part of making that a reality.
  • Your Campus: Use your strength at the OHC Campus nearest to you. At each of our campuses across San Antonio, the Hill Country and in Natal, Brazil, you’ll experience dynamic worship and teaching that expands your faith, and the opportunity to grow by serving others as a part of a Campus Serve Team. We use the phrase “Attend One, Serve One” to express our desire for everyone to have a healthy and regular rhythm of both attending and serving.

While everyone has a strength, and may lean toward one of these three expressions, we all need to Belong, Grow, AND Serve in order to best grow in our faith.

Are you ready to discover and use your strength? Get connected and start Belonging, Growing, and Serving with a Neighborhood Team or a Campus Serve Team today.

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